Impulse buy

•October 31, 2014 • 4 Comments

Because duchesse satin for £10 per metre cannot be passed by, even if it’s a slightly acidic yellow



Now wtf do I do with it? Ideas? Suggestions?

Other than the obvious ” file it to stash”



•October 28, 2014 • 19 Comments



imageimageA jolly nice time was had by me, and hopefully by everyone else. Tent looked splendid and we had excellent support from Julie’s group ( whose official name I can’t remember).

We are running out of room in there to display large embroideries though.




Although we we did have a few panics points- we only realised johns armour had been taken in a garage break in earlier this year the night before, but it didn’t matter because he had a rather splendid tunic to wear instead. Kids kept asking him all weekend what his favourite colour was, he told them to guess…

we decided not to have the royal bed in the tent this year but instead went for a private chapel to one side, made separate by the use of different coloured hangings



I always worry about about lighting the candles, but vigilance is worthwhile because they make everything look so pretty. Even if I am going to spend most of this week ironing beeswax out of the good linen.



Little  green cushion got his first official outing and was very disappointed when no one dared sit in the royal presence. Well, there was that one scallywag from the princes retinue who did a very impressive somersault over the barrier and sat on the throne whilst the king was on royal progress, but I walloped him and he ran away.



A special mention for loyal service by Carnac the suspiciously innocent looking page. I suspect that’s his ” I haven’t been eating any, honest guvnor” face. ( he did get all the leftover coins at packing up)

john got his face in the local paper, because he is the ultimate media whore

and john and I decided to sell the tent we never use so that we can spend the money on materials for another crown,  so that little girls can pose in it whilst having their photo taken with the king. It’s a later period but at the moment I’m thinking this one because it just screams princess



Unicorn progress

•October 27, 2014 • 10 Comments

Poor little Noah’s unicorn here got relegated to a project to work on at events, and has gone largely unmolested for the last year or so due to the fact that I mostly gossip, shop, and eat cake at events. But I did do some work on him this weekend at Nottingham. ( I will do a proper pics from the event post tomorrow once I’ve finished unpacking and washing stuff, because for once I took pics)




He still till needs the background couching finishing where I ran out of green thread, but is done enough to be able to get on with the outline.

apart from the fact that he looks a little demented and has a bit of an eighties poodle perm going on ( you can clearly see how I got better at the Celtic swirlies as I worked down his mane) I’m not sure about his knees.

When I posed the question “does my horny pony need swirly front knees?”, certain people got all properly horsey on me and called them hocks, but still the question remains- does my horny pony need swirly front knees?




•October 24, 2014 • 15 Comments


The paper version is out in the uk. Haven’t seen it myself yet, cos my copies haven’t arrived, but you all have my permission to make a mad dash to your nearest quality newsagent

zodiac, capricorn

•October 20, 2014 • 27 Comments


I’m quite liking little capricorn here, even though he’s really quite similar to pisces.

I’m going to go all french with the famous capricorns and have jean d’arc and madame du pompadour. anyone here a capricorn?

oh, and it was john’s birthday yesterday and I made batcake!


completely unimpressive until you cut it open, but then kind of awesome. Of course then I got a lecture on the history of batman…

opusanglicanum article

•October 16, 2014 • 15 Comments

I have a tutorial for an opus anglicanum face in this month’s edition of “mary hickmott’s new stitches”. The print edition was late going to press this month, but you can buy the digital edition

The threads are bought ones (the article gives details), but I have some of the ramie ground fabric over at my folksy, and I’ll list some of the silk background velvet tomorrow incase anyone wants some.

Stitchalong Sorry

•October 12, 2014 • 8 Comments

The leopard with white highlights


I would love to tell you his appearance was delayed by me having to do busy and important things, but actually I as a disorganised cow and lost him. Oops!


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