Christmas dragon stitchalong?

•October 20, 2016 • 7 Comments

OK, So I didn’t do a stitchalong this year because I’ve been having supply problems with embroidery wool and so wouldn’t have been able to cope with too many kits. Hopefully I’m close to resolving this and will be able to do a big dye batch in the new year.

This is a project I want to do for me. It’s sort of medeivalish, and will be done in laid and couched work, but possibly with some metallic thread and few sparkly bits (I haven’t properly decided yet) and it would be to my original design, and probably cushion sized.


Obviously this is just a fairly messy preliminary sketch which needs considerable tidying up. He’s a big sleepy smaug-like dragon, wearing a santa hat, and snoozing on a big pile of presents and toys.

I think he’d make a fab stitch-along because he’d work wonderfully in both bright and subtle colours, and there would be a good mix of basic and advanced work, plus lots of room for individual variations by the addition of whatever shiny tat each individual stitcher fancied adding.

Anyone fancy it? I’d do the kits june, to start July and finish in time for Christmas so you could have him for your own celebrations or give him as a gift.

I also fancy doing an embroidered bauble with four small silk embroidered panels – santa dragon, Christmas kitty, celtic Christmas tree, and zombie snowman (which you could chop and change, so if you wanted to miss one panel and do two of another that would work just as well). I could also do kits and possibly simultaneous stich-along for this, because I’m probably going to do it anyway.



•October 17, 2016 • 8 Comments

As you may or may not know, Gareth grows carnivorous plants.

I think this one is nepenthes naga, grown in a seriously ugly jardinière. Naga is Indonesian for dragon, and theres also a rather famous chilli called naga.


Gareth says I’m being silly because medieval scribes couldn’t possibly have known about an obscure tropical plant that was only identified a few years ago, I think he’s being weird.

The pothead, though, has always been one of my favourite luttrell critters.

dragon owl border part the first

•October 12, 2016 • 14 Comments

This is one of those borders you get in medieval art where the pattern repeats but the colours change. It sounds chaotic, but there’s a sort of rhythm to it that starts to make sense.

Because this runs up the sides I decided to do this first to make sure the maximum amount of time passes between the first and second phases, thus avoiding boredom.

I was a bit worried at first that the blue I’d used for the first phase background was a bit heavy. But I was also concerned that the little white twiddly bits in the background were a bit fussy.

But put them together and suddenly


and it sort of looks ok?

I tried using some alternate white wool for the twiddlies, because the unmordanted white 2/16 (undyed version of the naturally dyed stuff I do myself) has a tendency to shatter quite frequently. When Texere went out of business, the Shipley mill honoured all their orders, but for some reason the “2/16” they sent me, which was labelled as 2/16 was actually 2/18, which is far too thin. I tried the 2/18 for the white twiddlies, wondering if I could use it for something (because I have kilos of the bloody stuff), but although I think it would be fine for laid and couched work, it’s just far too fiddly to use for split stitch.

annoying that.

Female labours, march

•October 9, 2016 • 12 Comments


I was hoping to have a next bit of Lutrell, but I’ve had kind of a bad week, so mrs march is filling instead. ( sorry I will reply to previous post comments later, tired tonight)

shes my gardener, an adapted image again, to correspond with mr march doing his vine pruning.

I’m not 100% pleased with her! but I’m reminding myself she’s a voice in the chorus rather than a solo act

this months cat is the late lamented miss pickle, who died shortly after I started this blog. She was an indoor cat, and normally very ladylike, but her idea of getting in touch with nature was to follow me outside in order to pee in fresh compost.

Spitting mad

•October 4, 2016 • 13 Comments

Some Danish woman is using one of my opus images to advertise Sarah homfrays v and a course, as well as hand and lock. I’m bloody furious.

I’m not teaching either. I’ve reported her to Facebook mods on the group, texted her. Mailed her and left voicemail.


very very angry

Rolling along with the Luttrell fantasy

•September 27, 2016 • 7 Comments

Because the bottom panel is so big and so dense, it does feel like a bit of an achievement to finally finish it. I know I said the same thing with the first fantasy, but I really didn’t help that I had to take so long away from this over summer- had I been able to finish this first stage I would have felt more incentive to crack on


But it’s done now- phew!

I did have concerns about the top left beast ( and not just the sheer number of little white circles he needed) because in the ms it looked as though there was some additional shading around his thigh. However, once I’d  put in all the little circles the shading I wanted just sort of appeared by virtue of negative space.

it was awkward getting all the little circles not to look too random but just sort of random enough . I put a lot of effort into making the slightly differing sizes, not quite putting them into a grid, and also some are not quite circles.

I’m quite pleased with him in the end


They’re all covered up. Unusually for me I actually managed to save the cover cloths from the last piece, it’s the first time I haven’t lost them. I even washed and ironed them, which you’d be a lot more impressed with if you knew what a slob I am.

Just under the wire…

•September 25, 2016 • 2 Comments

For posting a minimum of once a week. I haven’t done much, been busy with work, but it did do a wing for a photo tutorial for next years class. I needed step by step piccies


I need to do another next weekend, slightly different technique, and I want to do a third as an experiment.

I promise to try an be a bit more exciting next week, honest.