open wide

•December 8, 2016 • 3 Comments

This might be the last luttrell update before Christmas, so much to do!



•December 4, 2016 • 6 Comments

I had to finish this because Jude wants me to do an Anglo Saxon embroidery course for the ashmolean next year and she has a deadline for advertising, but I sort of want to start this again.


The colour of his tunic is wrong, mainly because I agonised for so long over not having the right shade of green that I finally had an attack of the soddits and did his tunic in blue instead. Plus I think he also need to be slightly smaller or I needed to use a slightly thicker gold thread for the body. Also the twiddly gold bits need to fill the background more.

I did want to do more goldwork around the border, but I think that’s best left until I can do Alfie mark two.

however, for now at least I have a picture to send Jude – a can get another version done later, there’s too much going on right now to fret overly about Alfie. Partly I’m just stressed because I have so much stuff I can only do whilst I’m at Gareth’s but I’m working from my place so I’m a bit frustrated. Mostly I’m just stressed because I want to be in leeds to stop Gareth falling apart, he found out a few days ago that poor Hobbes as lymphoma. So Gareth is stressing about keeping his cat eating enough to stay alive until he gets his chemo referral, and I’m stressing about Gareth. It’s kind of wierd because I’m having to be the sensible one…


•November 30, 2016 • 10 Comments

I always do Gareth his new Christmas shirts in time for the beginning of December so he can wear them. I gave him these on Sunday, but I’ve been holding off writing this post until the first of the month because it just seemed rude to post Christmas stuff before December – I have been driving around for weeks merrily gnashing my teeth at all the idiots who have their trees up in November!

And is it just me or are there more ridiculously early Christmas trees every year? I love Christmas but I personally think anyone who puts their tree up in November should be rounded up and shot for the good of humanity.

He got four Christmas shirts this year, because there was fabric.

First is the Christmas frankenstien shirt, made from the warmed up remnants of Christmas shirts past…


I don’t think he’s actually noticed yet that amongst the mismatched buttons (also remnants of Christmas shirts past – waste not want not and all that) I sneaked in a happy little elf button


He’ll hate that when he finally notices it *smirk*

This one is because I’ve always been a huge fan of all things black and Christmassy, plus one of the fabrics is called northern lights so it’s named after one of my favourite books (I mean, I adore harry potter, but jk rowling just doesn’t have the depth or sheer writing skill of Pullman).

He thinks this one is so subtle and understated that it must have hurt me to make it (living with me must have warped his senses if he thinks this is understated) he says he’s wearing this one to go for Christmas drinks with Dr Dirt. Christmas drinks with Dr Dirt always seem to result in a  bad case of the beer flu the next day.


It was going to have little penguin buttons, but in the end it just had to be snowflakes


This next selection didn’t come from John Lewis, but it made me think of a John Lewis Christmas ad for some reason, I think it’s the happy little skaters and chichi houses. Plus, Gareth hasn’t stopped going on about the new Leeds John Lewis for nearly the last two years, so it seemed apt


It has present buttons to go with the present fabric. My only bugbear with this one is that the skate trails look like loose threads all over the place, which has been driving me potty as I worked in it.


And with the last one I just really liked the turquoise blue-greens.


And I was a very bad girl today and bought fabric for two more (non-Christmassy) shirts, plus half a metre of mistletoe print because it was cute. I’d gone to the shop to look for Christmas fabrics for Caz and Martin, but they didn’t have anything I liked, hence the bad, because it seemed just plain rude to go to a fabric shop and not buy anything.

slinky dragon with many balls

•November 21, 2016 • 8 Comments


He’s definitely a wyrm, because he’s completely legless.

And I got to my second roll along – woot!


It would be nice to get to the next roll before Christmas, but it probably won’t happen – too much to do! At least the next roll is lots of small creatures though, which means lots of nice little finishes, which is sort of what you need at this time of year – especially after the drive home I had this evening, the weather’s proper mucky out.

christmas shopping, anyone?

•November 16, 2016 • 2 Comments

I need some space, so I’m selling off some of my stuff that I love, but which I just don’t have time to market efficiently.

Therefore I’m giving everyone here the chance to grab an original piece by me at a very reasonable price, or a kit for bargain price. The original pieces below are for sale, all cushions and lavender bags are 100% wool melton, handsewn, or if you prefer kits are available for most things.


The crown cushion is fifteen pounds, all others are twenty nine pounds – tudor rose, knight, and dragon


Flying pig, heffalump, cupcakes and flag, all twenty nine pounds.


These three are chocolate brown, but they refuse to photograph as anything other than black. Celtic bull and two spotty cats, all twenty nine pounds.


Lavander bags – kitty, ducky, Lancashire rose on white, Yorkshire rose, bizzy bee, heart, celtic pup, fleur de lys, pony/unicorn (That ones double sided) flutterby, snowman, crown, Lancashire rose on blue, batty bat, and bunny bum. All are about six inches across, five pounds each.


Christmas stockings, twelve pounds each (they have stars on the back) and a stray cupcake lavender bag.

If anyone would like kits for any of the above, they’re reduced from thirty pounds to ten for cushions, from eight pounds to three for the little lavender bags, and stocking kits are reduced from fifteen pounds to six (If I still have them, I’m not planning on making extra, they are nicely packaged in gift bags though, and make nice gifts. They’re suitable for quite novice stitchers, including more able children)

I also have some spacious handbags made from vintage braids for ten pounds each


postage will be three pounds in the uk or five pounds elsewhere . I’ll ship uk cushions complete with pads, but they’re prohibitively expensive to ship abroad, so those will be sent empty (they’re just standard sized small cushion pads). If you order three things I’ll send you a present.

If you want anything, either comment or email me and I’ll send you a paypal invoice.

(I also have printed cotton Luttrell fantasy totes, or zodiac teatowels for eight pounds, and greetings cards)


Unfortunately I missed Halloween

•November 12, 2016 • 2 Comments

I’ve spent the last couple of days outlining the May panel for the women’s labours. Whereas mr may is hunting, ms may is the May queen. I haven’t put her cat in yet, but I’ve been using an image of Eleanor of Aquitaine from her seal, one of the few verifiable images of Eleanor.

I admit I’ve fattened her out a bit, because the original image had barbie proportions, but although I’d been aware of the image for a long time I’d never studied it closely enough to register that Eleanor was obviously an ancestor of one morticia Addams …


If you think about it, it completely makes sense – the aristocratic bearing, mastery of the French tongue…

Boaring dragon

•November 7, 2016 • 16 Comments

The boaring dragon is not amused that the dragon bunny keeps bopping him on the nose…


He thinks it’s all very silly and tedious, and he just doesn’t get the joke. In fact, boaring dragon thinks that bunny dragon may well have been on the pixie dust- it would certainly explain the constant sound of inane giggling that comes from the bunny dragon’s burrow. ( editors note – don’t worry, the neighbourhood isn’t going to pot and becoming a drug den. The giggling is actually just a routine dragon bunny sex romp- bunny stereotypes running true and all that)


I am very very pleased with him though. I was nervous at first about going for pinks and purples instead of the madder oranges of the manuscript, but I’m loving the results.


And I just couldn’t be more pleased with his little face, the expression is perfect.

I told Gareth yesterday about how happy I was with his face, and he told me he’d read an article by Gary Larson, of far side fame, about how Larson had once drawn the perfect expression on a cartoon dog but had never been able to reproduce it. I understood at once, I think it’s why I prefer to do my cartoon directly onto the canvas, because I’d get upset if I drew something just right in a preparatory sketch and then couldn’t transfer it.

I am also quite relieved about the fin thing on his head, because when it was just blocked in it looked a lot like magneto’s helmet from the x men – it’s much better now th e details are done!

I’m thinking he might make good kit