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Ever since Hobbes died, Gareth has been on the internet researching kittens, trying to find a decent Bengal breeder who doesn’t keep kittens in cages. One breeder he liked sent pictures of a litter who all looked too much like Hobbes ( he doesn’t want a replacement cat, he wants a worthy successor). So yesterday we drove to Stockport to meet a Bengal kitten whose breeder has nicknamed him Joey tribbiani because he’s a greedy chunky little fatboy.


Hes only eight weeks old, and wasn’t meant to be interviewing potential monkeys yet, but the breeder said she gets so many people wanting kittens who only want the most expensive Bengal, or the Bengal with the right spots, that she was happy to let Joey see someone who was interested in purrsonality over looks.

as you can see, Joey has chosen Gareth and we left a deposit. We go back and pick him up in about a month. He’s a lovely friendly, well socialised little chap who’s grown up in a proper home. His sisters laid the sugar on pretty thick as well, so it’s just as well I went with Gareth or he would have left three deposits.

joey will be renamed trouble as soon as he gets home.

this is the picture Gareth chose to reassure his breeder we can offer a good home…


Branston, btw, is very concerned that we haven’t thought this through. He says it will be left up to him to teach the little snot good manners, and kittens only learn good manners by having them thoroughly pounded into them ( spare the paw and spoil the kitten) and that kitten looks like he’s got a very thick head that will need a whole lot of pounding.

if the little one grows up to be half the cat his dad is he will be gorgeous. Bagheera is not only the biggest Bengal I’ve ever met, he was also one of the biggest dollops. He’s due to retire from stud this year, and the owner plans to keep him as a pet because he’s such a sweetie, but her son is planning to leave home soon, and having seen bagheera with the boy I think that cat has definitely chosen his monkey.




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So I got sidetracked with the leaping dragonwife…


…because one of the disadvantages of not quite sticking to the original psalter colours is that indecision can strike, and I couldn’t decide what colour her wing should be. In the psalter her wing is blue, but I think there’s already enough blue in this corner, plus I’m running pretty short of blue (I need to get a dyebatch done soon).

So I did some pretty flowers instead


So that’s my meagre progress on the dragon fantasy for January so far, but at least I’ve almost finished my tax return. I’d rather have been doing my embroidery.


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Between running around trying to keep Gareth relatively sane ( comfort foods seem to help, he’s had slow roast belly pork, bake well tart, moo shu, general tso, salmon and mint quiche, and tonight beef casserole with dumplings) and trying to get my tax stuff sorted for the 31st, sewing has been a low priority this week.

luckily I had a labours of the months in reserve for just such an occasion.

April is midwifery and medicine to tie with the herb gathering shown for this month in the men’s labours.

The bed cover was an experiment. Striped decoration is often shown in manuscripts, but I was in two minds how to translate it into split stitch. In the end I blocked the drapery and then just sewed the stripes over the top with no regard to the drapery, which I think gives the most medieval solution. Plus I really like the green on top of the dark blue.

Aprils kitty is ms Persephone mowse, one of the most insane ( I suspect mildly autistic) cats I’ve ever had. She is miss April simply because she was white and needed a background. She was quite good with poorly folks though, because she loved it when you sat still.

This white tweed is teaching me that I’m very much correct when I tell people on natural dye forums that rose hip isn’t a dye. I drink rose hip tea, and have a tendency to spill it on my embroidery- not only does it make a rather miserable colour, but it washes out the minute the tweed hits cold water. So my assertion to many a hedgerow dyer that rose hip is a stain rather than a dye is very much confirmed.

thankyou everyone for your kind thoughts on Hobbes, but I’m not going to reply to comments on that post ( to be honest I couldn’t work out how to turn off comments on an individual post). Branston is being even clinger than usual without his little mate to play with, whilst at the same time completely failing to comfort spare monkey (Gareth), so it’s probably just as well that Gareth has spent the entire weekend looking at kitten porn on the internet, and already has plans to get another Bengal.



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Hobbes died on Thursday.

he had a good day Wednesday sitting on the sofa watching David Attenborough with Gareth, but overnight the cancer spread to his spine and his back end was paralysed.

Obelix update

•January 8, 2017 • 17 Comments

I cleaned the lens on my camera, which seems to have improved things no end.


Ive been rubbish at updating him, mostly because as you can see, I haven’t made much progress. I have prepared a list of excuses

– we’ve been quite busy keeping Hobbes alive.

– I had a strong urge to do mindless machine sewing, so I’ve already started on next years Christmas shirts.

– I spent a very entertaining day converting a bright orange wonder bra I bought for two quid in Boyes into a green satin and black lace burlesque bra. I’m quite pleased with the results but am not putting them in the internet.

– normally I spend days watching rubbish on telly at Christmas and sewing. But the rubbish on tv just hasn’t been up to scratch this year. Also, we got a new tv and I still don’t know how to work it.

yep, it’s all the bbcs fault.

I have work all week, but am determined to dig out some DVDs and finish asterix next weekend, because the v and a exhibition gave me several ideas I want to play with.

i actually quite fancy getting some coloured metallic from Benton and Johnson for the underside couching on the background of this. It’s not strictly medieval, so I don’t have to be as authentic as usual, but I can’t decide upon a colour? The obvious choice would be blue, but I’m worried obelix might blend in too much, after all, those stripes are very slimming…



Coats and stuff

•December 31, 2016 • 6 Comments

Delivering the last presents shortly. I made my mum a coat in the style of My kitty coat. I offered her a choice of tasteful, subtle colours, but she chose this…


The lining is goat fabric, the other choice was cows, but I was worried she might misconstrue?

The sheep I showed you a few weeks ago, but here are the rest


My favourite is the pony.

theres also a walking dead shirt with gold skull buttons to be delivered tonight


All of shirt making has left gaps in my button boxes, I feel I am entitled to a shopping trip lest the lack of available materials should stifle my creative juices


And a little bit more obelix


Now I’m going to go do two things-

1) beat wordpress with a stick because it’s being extra annoying today

2) find some vodka and a cotton bud and clean the lens on my phone camera, I must have got it greasy because everything looks a bit soft focus


have a good new year!



Day 5

•December 29, 2016 • 2 Comments


Not much at all today. I intended to sew on the train on the way to London and on the way back, but on the way there I had a nap instead.

but I did use my lovely new leather digestive biscuit that Gareth gave me for Christmas ( he’s getting better at taking hints about presents, but he still forgot to put a penny in the purse before he wrapped it)

am now wondering if those trousers make obelix’ nipples chafe…