•June 27, 2016 • 10 Comments

so the purple bird thing is one of the creatures I class as “dragonesque”. At first glance he looks like a bird, but then he also has mickey mouse ears (I dunno, maybe he just came back from a trip to Disneyland?) and cow feet, so…


Time to fill in the background for these two before I start the outlining.

In other news I’m wondering whether I should get a twitter and tumbler feeds to spin off this page. I’ve never even looked at twitter, and to be honest I find the fact that you can’t engage in conversation with people on tumblr quite frustrating, but maybe I’m just being a bit of a dinosaur?


Triangle face

•June 26, 2016 • 10 Comments

I meant to post this Thursday, but I felt overwhelmingly meh all week, so I never got round to it.


There are quite a few of these triangle faces in the psalter. I think they’re a satire of the fashionable headress of the time, but I think they’re sort of cute.

Baby came back

•June 20, 2016 • 16 Comments


Obviously, baby was going to make another appearance. I want to use more purples on this fantasy, cos purple and dragons go together.

i have to do the creature above first, before I can fill the background.

First dragon

•June 15, 2016 • 16 Comments

Wot yoo meen, I is not proper dwagon?!? I iz dwagonfwy, I iz fierce!!! RAAARGH !


From a technical point of view, he was an interesting little challenge because his wings needed to be translucent, and translucent wool does sound like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it!

i used trellis couching without any laidwork beneath, varying the colour of the couching points, which sort of works?

trellis is mostly seen in later period, so it was a bit naughty, but I’m allowed, so nyeh!




•June 12, 2016 • 9 Comments

I was very excited last month to find daffodil fabric on leeds market, because I’d looked everywhere for some last year when I wanted to make Gareth an Easter shirt. So I bought some, but he hated it, so I made myself a skirt instead.


Sorry it looks a bit wonky, my poor old dummy is almost getting past being useable for draping now, she’s so broken.

I’d been a bit unsure, but I really like the grass/ daffy combination now it’s done – and I have something new to wear on my birthday trip. Yesterday, as I was cleaning my sewing machine because some nasty not-quite-wool-that-ebay-said-was-wool-but-wasn’t-but-I-had-use-it-anyway had gunned up the innards, I decided that the great British sewing bee isn’t very true to life because no one ever uses up thier allotted time trying to figure out what the hell is up with thier sewing machine.

all I need to do now is figure out who anonymously sent me the hotel chocolate parcel. It was someone who knows both my home address and my rather specific tastes in chocolate, which isn’t many people I can think of but no one is owning up!



The grand finale

•June 7, 2016 • 19 Comments

I see you shiver in antici….



the pic makes it look much daintier than it really is because it’s two foot by five, which is hard to convey over teh internets.

it still needs trimming up and mounting. The little orange square is a student sample block, so that’s going ( you know who you are, if you want it posting to ? Israel? You need to let me know by the end of the week or it goes in the bin).

gareth likes this pic, but I’m not sure. It was taken before I washed and wet stretched the piece and I can see where some bits are still bent from the frame. I’m thinking of re stretching it because I’m not happy with the current finish.

overall I think I’m quite pleased, although I think the composition is a little sparse in the middle – a problem I think I’ve overcome on the second piece so I feel I’m improving.

Sunday cartoon

•June 5, 2016 • 22 Comments

Gareth looked at me rather blanky when I asked him to photograph the cartoon, I keep forgetting he knows less than nothing about art.

anyway, I spent two days on this – the blue is tailors chalk for rough sketching, whereas the black is permanent. As with the first I drew freehand without any particular plan other than that I was going to use interesting bits of border as steps. I did use a ruler and set square on this to keep the steps true though

i think I’m getting better at the whole medieval busyness thing ( if in doubt bung some leaves in has become my mantra). My only real wibble with this cartoon is that I think I made the knight a bit large – I forgot to chalk in a border above his head so he grew to fill available space, I should have limited him before I began. Oh, and I got to the end and realised I’d failed to include the breakdancing dragon.



As you can see, I used a flexible definition of dragon, perhaps dragonesque would be a more accurate term.

its the same size as the first- two foot by five- but I think it might take longer to colour in because it’s denser. I’ve been thinking of it as Lutrell fantasy number two, but Gareth has labelled the cartoon JPEG here be dragons.

fantasy number one had a bow tie and a cadburys cream egg as pop culture references, this one has the hogwarts school motto because I couldn’t resist.


Branston is doing his Sunday thing. Gareth reckons the RSPCA would take him away and put him to sleep for being such an unkempt scruff, he’s quite assertive ( ie violent) about the not being groomed thing.


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