Ba-nana nana nana naa

•May 31, 2016 • 7 Comments

Strip one. ( that’s a phonetic rendering of stripper music, in case you were wondering)


Its wierd, I knew in my head how big this was, but didn’t realise how big it was until I unrolled it and it took up the full width of the spare ( king sized) bed.

I’ve cut and hemmed the next piece but I haven’t started drawing on it yet because the plywood I’ve got for a drawing board takes up the entire living room floor- I’m going out today and I want a good run at it without distractions.


Big finish

•May 30, 2016 • 4 Comments

I think they’re fighting over who’s got the worst curly perm


I love the dainty little rosebuds on thier macho tails.

the big striptease starts tomorrow


Experimental faces

•May 28, 2016 • 9 Comments

The languages of medieval manuscripts and medieval embroidery share many commonalities, one being the treatment of faces.

in opus Anglicanum grotesque faces are shown in shades of cadaverous blues and greys, using strong colour shading as opposed to the subtle stitched shading of the more saintly faces, and this same use of coloured grotesque faces occurs in the Lutrell psalter, mainly for human faces attached to less than human, or base bodies and activities.

The illustration I based the final two figures upon has the cadaverous hue of the grotesque. As I blocked in the main bodies I thought long and hard about how to treat them- should I use the flesh coloured two tone that’s worked so well on many of the animal grotesques or just bite the bullet and go for the full-on zombie?

Flesh coloured two tone would have looked fine, save I was concerned one figure was wearing a flesh coloured tunic. I was concerned that if I went zombie and hated it this would sour the finishing for me. In the end I realised I would regret it if I chickened out, so I went on a rummage for zombie colours.


The purple and grey was my first, but I really don’t think the two colours contrast enough, although Gareth says it works better from a distance. So I had another go with the palest blue in my arsenal, which it think works little better but is still not quite right.

I really want to try this form again, but I think I’ll save it for one of the fantasies where I plan to do silk faces.

I’m not going to pick it out though. I rarely unpick because I think I learn more from letting what could be regarded as mistakes stand. I say “what could be regarded as mistakes” because I don’t think a failed experiment is actually a mistake, but rather a step in development – a bit like the saying that you can’t ride a horse without falling off occasionally. If I unpick these I might forget what I can do to improve the next attempt.


•May 25, 2016 • 6 Comments

I like his sardonic little smile


BUt he does sort of remind me of Keiffer Sutherland in “Lost Boys”?

very very small little small small…thing

•May 24, 2016 • 18 Comments


I think he’s what’s known as a very minor progress update.

rolling along one last time

•May 23, 2016 • 17 Comments

It’s all getting very exciting, just a couple more beasties to go!

I had a day off today and the temptation to just sit and work on this was almost overwhelming, but I was good and decided to spend my morning tidying my cloth room. The morning turned into all day, but at least you can see the floor again – it’s been a while.


I was hoping to get this one teeny weeny little bit finished yesterday whilst Gareth was around so he could help me turn the frame, but alas it was not to be. Because the frame has been extended it’s very unwieldy for one person to roll alone, and has to be held together with bolts instead of the clips it originally came with. Of course I slipped with the adjustable spanner and now my knuckles are all bloody – I look like I’ve been beaten up lately and I just keep making it worse – my right forearm has a burn from cooking, a blister from doing housework (which is why I normally avoid it) and a huge scratch from grooming my psychotic cat, and the other one now has a bloody knuckle and a huge collateral bruise around where I accidentally stabbed myself last week. Sigh.


I had been worried where to hide my intials and the date – nailed it

dopey cornucopia

•May 21, 2016 • 10 Comments

“Ah dun got my bee-hind stucked in this here horn thingummy. Haylp!”



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