nothing to see here, carry on

•January 25, 2021 • 3 Comments

just the usual monday morning nekkid tai-chi

( he was rejected, poor chap)

faces again

•January 21, 2021 • 5 Comments

he’s still lacking a crown, but he has hair now.

I sent a choice of blues out in the kit, so people can chose thier own shade of silver fox – I went for the electric blue because january is such a dull month!

Skinny boy’s girlfriend (chelles again)

•January 17, 2021 • 4 Comments

she is very small and very shiny, which makes her quite difficult to photograph, but I think her sleeves are even nicer than her silk alter ego’s

here’s the silk version again for comparison

even more chelles

•January 10, 2021 • 4 Comments

what I know know to be the accurate side, with underside couched  threads.

skinny boy, need to eat some pies if you ask me

bet he one of those annoying skinny gits who eats chocolate biscuits all day and never gets fat

a bit more chelles

•January 3, 2021 • 2 Comments

I’ve almost finished the not quite accurate silk side with the tall thin man – haven’t got round to the dog yet though

also, Over the last 12 months I’ve almost filled a 9litre really useful box with thread ends. Mostly these are wool and silk, the results of the Project of Doom which is yet to be released on social media, which actaully turned into two projects of doom (POD1 and POD2). I’m still a few weeks away from finishing up POD2, but once I do I have an experiment in mind for this box of tatt. Ironically there might not be enough bits in there to complete the project I have in mind!

I don’t think I’ll sort the colours though, some of the silk scraps are a bit on the whispy side, seeing as it’s nearly all flat silks

faces again

•December 18, 2020 • 1 Comment

Fifth faces mastercalss has jsut gone out, with old saggy chops here. He will have to wait for january for his hair and beard, I’m not doing any filming over christmas

Little christmas bishop finished

•December 9, 2020 • 8 Comments

I’m not a fan of writing in sewing, so I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’ll cut the lettering off my version, but I’m quite pleased with him and hopefully the participants in the course enjoyed him too


second face finished

•December 4, 2020 • 2 Comments

the second face in the opus anglicanum faces masterclass has gone up today to those concerned.


blonde hair and a tan – gold lame hotpants optional

swirly the snowman

•December 1, 2020 • 1 Comment

he is quite a quick and simple design, not worth doing as a kit, but I’ve done a video and pdf as an experiment instead. pdf is on the shop, video is free


bishop got bling

•November 27, 2020 • 6 Comments

Just the lettering to go, although I’m going to do mine slightly off set from the main image to I can cut it away, I’m only really doing lettering for teaching purposes, I prefer him as he is

btw, I started an instagram account, where I’m posting a mix of new and old stuff. I’m opusanglicanum on there as well if you want to find me

(I also have twitter, as opusembroidery but I still trying to figure out what I’m meant to do over there)

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