goaty bowtie

•April 25, 2016 • 12 Comments


I went with the bowtie in the end, polkadot, obviously, to match his pretty horns. I did consider a normal tie, but it occurred to me that although he may be a very important goat, he is still a goat, and would therefore eat a dangly sort of tie. The little bow fits neatly beneath his chin so it won’t distract him when he gets the munchies.

Sunday frock progress

•April 24, 2016 • 6 Comments

I haven’t done much today, for such is the way of Sundays. But I got the collar applied,


Ive also been thinking about doing some embroidery to go with the Silk brocade this embroidery was originally intended for, but which it didn’t go with cos it looked wrongity and I think I might have to make some teeny weeny cloisonné panels to apply to goldwork and pearls. Basically I think polychrome silk embroidery was too plain for that fabric, and what it needs is something fairly monochrome but completely and utterly over the top.

also, does anyone want to buy me a new dressform? I think I’ve had my two quids worth out of this one and it’s disintegrating before my eyes.




Frock progress

•April 22, 2016 • 6 Comments

Has been made. But there’s no way it’s wearable tomorrow, so I’ll wear something else instead.

I’m quite pleased with how the sleeves look though. The colours are very harmonious and the cut ( odd but necessitated by shortage of fabric) looks ok.


I couched the edge of the embroidery with some naturally dyed como silk, which has helped bed down the colour


February, female labours.

•April 20, 2016 • 8 Comments


Ive been meaning to post this for three days, but I seem to be easily distracted this week.

I couldn’t find a c12th illustration of a woman sewing, so instead a adapted one of hildegard of bingen( autocorrect wanted to make that hildegard of binges, which would explain the voluminous frock?) using a writing tablet. I was going to make her dress a more secular colour but decided to leave her a nun because I realised that my original plan had neglected the importance of religion in the lives of medieval women- perhaps it passed me by because I’m an atheist, or maybe just because of the different focus of modern life?

Gareth says he really like this one because of the subdued colours, what is it with men and brown?

I took her fire from the Bayeux tapestry (seriously, I don’t know where my brain is this morning. I’m watching James May reassemble a Bakelite telephone as I type, and I originally wrote that her phone came from the Bayeux) and gave her a completely un authentic Hobbes as kitty, because Hobbes likes a fire. He also like sunbeams.

she was meant to be embroidering a white cat, in memory of pangur ban. I liked the idea of her in her cloister, reading about another cat in another cloister long before and deciding to sew something. Unfortunately pangur ban in miniature looks remarkably like a mouse, but I suppose either interpretation works…

Sunday project and a dirty confession for clothaholics anonymous…

•April 17, 2016 • 4 Comments

I’m storytelling at a Norman event next weekend, and thought it would be nice to make a new dress using The ADel church collar, and The cloth I dyed to go with it. I have several Norman outfits, but they’re either a bit impractical for storytelling, or not quite warm enough for the time of year, or both.

however, this means I need embroidery for the sleeves. I did one weeks ago – a four foot strip with a simple geometric picking up the colours from the collar.


Its just split stitched silk.

And I’m about two thirds the way through the next, which I’ll hopefully finish this afternoon. The fabric is cut, so it’s just a case of whether or not I can handsew it over the course of the week. It would be nice to finish it, but I’m not going to stress if I don’t.

in other news, I had resolved to finish all the shirts I’d cut out, thus reducing the fabric mountain to a pile of entertaining scraps from which I can make patchwork skirts for myself, before buying more fabric.

my failure to do so will come so no surprise to anyone, least of all Gareth.

i have got the cut out pile of shirts down to ten, in my defence.

but a few weeks ago we went to that nice shop in Abingdon.


After all the trouble I had before Christmas finding nice piggy fabric for dad’s Yorkshire show shirt, I just couldn’t resist the pig fabric far left. The three trees were also from Abingdon, and Gareth wants them as a shirt ( I love the birch trees). And seriously, how could I resist nuts, screws and nails for my house renovating boyfriend? We are currently working on how t adapt real nuts for the buttons, because that’s very necessary.

Then yesterday I had to go into central leeds on an errand…


Where sweetcorn and tomatoes were irresistible – I figure they were paid for because I skipped my usual lunch at cafe moor. I’ve just finished one round of veggie shirts, so those will be filed to stash until more veg turns up to join them, because you need at least five veg for a shirt.

the green houses were half price, so they don’t really count.






Goaty back

•April 15, 2016 • 14 Comments


In the psalter the goats body is rather plain, so I’ve tried to liven him up by suggesting a bit of a potbelly. I can’t help thinking he still needs something else though, either a tie or a bow tie ( polka dot, obviously) I mean, he’s obviously a very important goat because he has his own porter, and should therefore dress somewhat formally.

This section is ready to roll…


…but I haven’t covered up yet because I’m giving due consideration to caprine formalwear.

I’m finding photographs very frustrating at the moment because even if I wait for daylight the lights a bit rubbish, and the camera doesn’t respond well to artificial light.

also, I have decided I heartily dislike Pinterest, especially the way it never lets you find the original blogpost the pic came from( whenever I click the visit site button it just takes me to more sodding Pinterest). It’s like an internet version of shopping at ikea- it lures you into it’s vast labyrinth by promising it has what you want, let’s you see what you want but won’t let you have it because it’s stored somewhere else, then makes you wander around aimlessly for hours on end because you can’t find the exit. All you get in the end is a vague feeling of dissatisfaction (but at least at ikea you get a pocketfull of free pencils)

gorm finished

•April 12, 2016 • 12 Comments


finished the twiddly bits on Gorm before work this morning (could have gone on the cross trainer, but…). I’m quite pleased with him, he was one of my favourite Luttrel beasts before, and he definitely still is.

Everyone at the weekend was surprised to see how big he is, I’m told the piece looks quite dinky on the internet, but it’s actually about two foot across – Gorm is nearly the full width of the work, so he’s nearly eighteen inches.


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