Lovers and zodiac

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New cards just arrived. I really like the little close up images on the back – Hobbes for day, branston for night, and cancer the nit on the zodiac. ( Gareth still wants to do a set of twelve for the individual zodiac signs, but I think we need to break even on these first)

If anyone would like any let me know and I’ll send out paypal invoices as it’s unlikely I’m going to have time to update the shop anytime soon.

Three for five quid, seven for ten, plus 50p postage uk, a pound elsewhere.

blank inside

The old cards a are also still available for the same price – antependium, Noah’s ark, pony purse, politician beast, cows arse bishop, baby dragon and griffin



Border two

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This is one so from the Winchester psalter, c12th. Lot less gold on this one, and to be honest I’m not quite sure about the pearl, which is in the place of a little fleur in the original.

that pale blue is a right wierd colour. It looks sky blue on the roll, but is more of a steel colour sewn. I haven’t said anything about it to Gareth because I got a long lecture on chromatography the other day when I mentioned colour, and I don’t want to provoke him again.

Border one.

•May 19, 2015 • 6 Comments

I decided to do some sample borders for the weekend. I’m taking a load of finished stuff along for students to look at, but I thought it would be useful to have some that were (un) finished in stages to see the basic construction. I chose this as the first because it’s so very basic, and I’m really loving how Art Deco it looks


cha cha cha

•May 18, 2015 • 10 Comments

dancing monkeys

Glad this part is finished for two reasons-

1) I have always wanted my very own flying monkeys. Nothing could possibly be more useful than one’s very own flying monkeys, nor more impressive as they merrily fling faeces at your mortal enemies. The only thing that could concievably be more brilliant than flying monkeys is a whole chorus line of flying monkeys dancing the can-can… aaaand behold!

2) I knew this would be the longest and most tedious part of this piece, but I have nonetheless struggled with it. I think I will be seeing little white circles in my sleep for at least another week.

Tiny sampler

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I don’t really get along very well with samplers for samplers sake. A dry accumulation of stitches would just frustrate me because I like to make something. Therefore for the basic medieval goldwork day on Saturday I’ve decided to break with my usual principle of letting people do thier own design and instead set a tiny little project I’m hoping can be achieved in a day. Since I did this in about two and a half hours, I figure students have a chance of getting somewhere in the six hours a workshop allows. I know I’m a quick stitcher so I like to allow anyone else twice as long.



Its not the best pic because goldwork is a bit of a bugger to photograph, and I didn’t want to bother Gareth, so this is from my phone.

It’s meant to be basic medieval goldwork, so we’ve got a bit of surface couching and two patterns in underside, plus some pearls for bling. I figure it’s quite small so could be made into a pendant or Christmas tree decoration- it’s only an inch or so long.

It still needs a rope of twisted gold round the edge, but I’m going to use this to demonstrate couching finished work as a slip during class, so that will be applied then.

Classes for this weekend, as well as opus Anglicanum days, are found by clicking the current courses link in the sidebar->>>>>>



Goldwork and borders

•May 15, 2015 • 4 Comments

Next weekend I’m teaching two workshops at the ashmolean, and there are still a couple of spaces if anyone wants to book

One is medieval goldwork, an introduction to surface and underside couching. The aim will be to produce a small gold medallion.

The other is medieval border patterns. This will use silk laid and couched work, surface couched gold and pearls to replicate some of the borders used in medieval art, so ideal for frames and decoration on clothing.

All materials are supplied in the course fee and booking is via the oxford playhouse

Dancing monkeys

•May 14, 2015 • 8 Comments

I wasn’t going to post the dancing monkeys again until they were finished, but now I am because they’re turning out to be one of those pieces that’s totally transformed by white. I really wasn’t liking them much at all, they looked dowdy, but then



Theyre just coming alive as a stitch the white circles and highlights.

In other news I am currently in love with the depiction of water shown in this c14th manuscript that was recently featured in bbc history magazine



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