more green

•August 17, 2022 • 3 Comments

all the greens

THe lady gardener

•August 10, 2022 • 3 Comments

Seriously, if you aren’t here for the terrible puns and smutty innuendo, why are you here at all?

You remember that a few years ago I did a kit based on the pilgrim badge vulva?

well, the thing is, she has always looked to me as if she was wearing a gardening hat. So this happened…

And when I say “this happened” what I mean is that I’ve had the idea niggling away at the back of my dirty little mind ever since I did the pilgrim.

I thought she was growing fuckshias, but it has been suggested that they might be knobendias.

If for some reason you are deranged enough to want this delightful, erm…work of art in your own home, the kit is available* (obviously if you already have the pilgrim, the penis nun and the pecker parade you need to complete the set because no odwnstairs loo would be complete without them)

  • the management would like to point out that you are a grown up with your own credit cards and we cannot be held resposible for your terrible choices in life.


•August 4, 2022 • 6 Comments

I’m sort of getting angry drag queen vibes at this stage, it’s a bit terence stamp/hugo weaving in priscilla?

not green yet, man

•July 29, 2022 • 7 Comments

some of his leaves need adjusting, but I’m happy with the border colour


•July 24, 2022 • 3 Comments

nearly done!

Sorry I’ve been queit, worn out after a busy busy few weeks


•July 10, 2022 • Leave a Comment

I’m doing a seven day sale, half price on some alternate colourways. ends next sunday

There are about seven to chose from (and one mermaid, cos I’m discontinuing her – there will be a newer better mermaid kit sometimes next year)

jaunty summer griffin

•July 6, 2022 • 1 Comment

he’s whistling a merry tune

bit of a slew of new kits at the moment as I prep for IMC – better get cracking on the last in the series, really.
I’m not sure if he’s the perfect thing to sew over summer, or the perfect thing to stash away from grey winter days when you need something cheery


•June 30, 2022 • 2 Comments

He’s finished, and I’m very peased with him. I think I shall mount him on some nice purple velvet. (at least I will once I can pluck up the courage to take some off the roll, it wieghs a tonne)

He was always intended as a kit, and I’m trying to get some new stock finished for the IMC next week, but for the moment there are only six of him available because he used a LOT more copper coloured passing than I thought he would.

I have more copper on order, but it could be autumn before it arrives – althought he would be fun with black or silver wallpaper as well if anyone wants a custom option


•June 28, 2022 • 4 Comments

I’m very pelased with how hideous the wallpaer is looking

Sutton Hoo beastmaster

•June 23, 2022 • Leave a Comment

Theres a kit on my shop for him, and I’m planning to do the raven as well. Both will be limited though because I don’t have a great deal of the watered yellow taffeta.
(and both will be a higher price point because, er, did I mention the watered silk taffeta, and also quite large compared to say, and opus face kit, and much shiny gold stuff, and step by step piccies)

Theres also a gorgeous new greetings card for the three living and the three dead

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