rolling again

•May 25, 2018 • 3 Comments

The next couple of rolls will be partial, because there are creature I would rather work all in one go, and that means a couple of funny little half rolls of the frame. I normally try not to roll too often becuase the frame is really big and awkward to handle – Gareth extended it for me, which means it now has to be bolted into place. I can manage on my own but it takes four times as long, but gareth and I are getting to be quite efficient at the teamwork thing, which doesn’t come naturally to either of us.

I much prefer these screw frames to trestles though. Trestles always give me a bad back from leaning over, whereas this is quite lightwieght, so I can sit comfortably on the sofa and lean the whole frame back into my lap at the perfect angle, and the screw adjustment means I can keep the fabric drumtight. This frame also has the advantage that I can pick it up in one hand and put it in another room when the kittens being boisterous, whereas the trestles are heavy and take up so much room, plus I find adjusting them to the right width for the frame I’m using quite time comsuming. Even extended to almost four foot wide I can throw this in the back of the van and take it to class or to my house.

At least Gareth is happy now though. I ripped a hole in a blouse he hated (he complained every time I wore it because he is a wierdo – normal men never comment on what you wear) so now it’s getting used up as a cover for the finished bits

class supplies arrived

•May 24, 2018 • 7 Comments

looking like a box of expensive sweeties

The hard part is now I have to share, and I will get attached to them by class, I’ll have made the mistake of naming them by next week

the red white and blue are mine though, I need to finish Asterix and Obelix, because the plan is to couch the french flag behind them.

heavenly choir

•May 23, 2018 • 2 Comments

The chap in the middle, who I think is a bishop, had robes that were quite fun to do. It’s trellis couching, but in two contrasting colours, which I haven’t done before – it was quite a test of accuracy to get the colours evenly spaced . Now he’s got all his details he looks quite good, but for a while there he was looking alarmingly like a used car salesbishop…

Actaully, I once dragged gareth up the overgrown driveway of an empty house on the hill of posh houses that overlooks Bishop Auckland (we were walking up to my mum’sin one of the outlying villages), because I am nosy and curious, and it had a for sale sign up and you couldn’t see the house from the road. It was the oddest wreck of a house I’ve ever seen, a standard 1930s suburban villa with the entire ground floor knocked through into one and faced with plate glass and formica – it looked like someone had smashed a car saleroom into  a perfectly pleasant house. It was sold a few years ago, knocked down, and is now the site of the new bishop’s Palace (Bishop being the country seat of the bishop of Durham), so perhaps this is one of the previous bishops and he was responsible for that monstrosity?

Angels – Now with added heads!

•May 22, 2018 • 7 Comments

angel flags

•May 18, 2018 • 2 Comments

In the manuscript the angels had simple heraldic flags hanging from their trumpets. I was originally going to go with that, but last week I decided they would have flags symbolising modern music groups, so…

The top one is Nirvana. I’m really more of a greatest hits girl with Nirvana, but I couldn’t resist the pun of heralding angels heralding someone elses’ heaven.

The middle one is The Pet Shop Boys for Gareth. He argued for Gary Numan instead, but I quite like the Pet Shop Boys after he took me to see them live last year – it was really obvious how much Niel Tennant enjoys being on stage. Of course Gareth did roll his eyes at me after I explained that I like “Go West” because it reminds me of the call and response music of the early medieval church. (Although not nearly as much as he nerd-shamed me for saying I was dissapointed to miss last years food symposium because I really wanted to hear the paper on chickens as food in Iron Age Europe, for some reason he found that hilarious, even after I explained that all my reading led to the assumption that pre-roman celts kept chickens mainly for fighting)

And the bottom one is Ian Anderson’s iconic one legged flute player post for my favourite Band, Jethro Tull. I did sort of kick myself after drafting the cartoon for this, because I should have done a medeival Ian somewhere, but I have got a little Tull tribute worked in further up.

So, grunge, pop and prog rock – something for everyone?

little bit of border

•May 17, 2018 • 5 Comments

toddling along, best to get the boring border bits over first.

ready to roll again

•May 16, 2018 • 2 Comments

Bit of a funny break on this one, as the illuminated letter top right would be too awkward to break up, so I’ve decided to do a half roll to do it one piece.

I’m quite pleased with the composition, there are good strong diagonals travelling up and down the piece, as you can see here.

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