opus anglicanum purse

This is a purse in opus anglicanum technique that I made last year. Silk split stitch with gold couching on linen. I’m posting it here in order to archive it really.


~ by opusanglicanum on May 28, 2011.

27 Responses to “opus anglicanum purse”

  1. oh!!! How lovely!

  2. I love your purse very much. It looks great!

    • I keep fancying making another, but it will probably be next year before I have time – I’ve seen two picture that would work well together – lovers ina garden on one side, and lovers in bed for the back!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love opus anglicanum; the shading and goldwork really make the style pop!

  4. This is Gorgeous! Did you crochet the background and then applique or embroider right on the base fabric. Will you have a kit or a pattern of this piece? Totally in love! Can you explain to me how this was done totally new Medieval needlework. I ask alot of questions but have not tried a piece. I guess the fear of ruining it. Thank you Sandra

    • The background fabric is just linen, which you can’t see because the silk is embroidered right onto it and then the gold is couched to fill the background. The technique is opus Anglicanum, which I’m running a course on at the ashmolean this summer if you’re in the uk, or you could click the little faces tutorial button in the sidebar

    • Alternately you could do the stitchalong piece if you want a more beginner level piece. The kit listing on my folksy shop has lapsed but if you give me a yell I can still do you a kit for that

      • continuation: I accidentally hit the wrong key. I can not begin to express in words how awesome I think your needlework and art ability are. I look at your blog all the time. I am very interested in medieval embroidery but as an American, I find it hard to find people to help you with learning the stitches and the design. My country is lacking in a long history and people in general here do not seem to share my interest in the past.
        Such a fan,
        Sandra Popek

      • I think sometimes it can be difficult to find people in your own locality who share common interests, which is why the net is so great.

      • Is there a Griffin and a beginning person you could kit up and I would buy all three the second week in May?


      • All the kits are beginner friendly, and I’ll include my class handout for the technique. The stitchalong kit is designed to be used with the step by step on this blog, which is on the clicky picture link to the right hand side. I’ve re listed the griffin, although you may have to just poke me if the stitch along kit goes out of date( I’m not sure offhand when it expires) so order whenever you want

      • Will this help me do Medieval people too?

      • Over the next couple of weeks I’m planning on offering a kit for the lady with a squirrel from the Lutrell psalter. I won’t have time to do it this weekend as I’m off to a food history symposium, so I’ll get on with it after that

      • Sorry to be such a pest today. I promise this is my last question. Do you know about how much your going to charge for the kit? Thank you, I really appreciated the time you spent of your day with me. Wish I lived in Britain to take your classes.


      • It will be £30, same as the other single design kits ( stitch along kit is more because you get two designs, as well as a lining for the purse once it’s finished)

      • Thank you, have a good night!


      • I’ve listed stuff on the new shop, the link in the sidebar will take you there. There’s a new kit and I’ve been able to reduce the price. You have to add postage to the cart as a separate item because the site won’t offer combined postage, but it’s just a click

      • Hello I am having a problem finding the kits. I see you new site is called the pickle patch. Could you help me?

        Thank you,


      • Have you clicked the griffin in the sidebar? That takes you to the shop

      • This is direct link. Postage at the top, scroll down for kits


      • If you can’t find what you want tell me and I can just send you a paypal invoice if that makes things easier for you

      • Actually I am having a hard time looking for Medieval embriodery on the web. It is hard especially not knowing the terminology from Medieval times

      • I’m useless at googling, sorry

      • I can not find your folksy shop. Can you help?

        Thank you!


      • It’s the second button down in the sidebar, has a griffin on it, click the pic and it takes you there


        There is a stitch along kit listed

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