Tudor stash frock

I started this dress a couple of months ago, because I needed a lighter weight Tudor outfit to wear for storytelling. The idea was to make it from my stash, which I almost but not quite managed – I blew a tenner on silk to make the belt.

It was all handsewn. The  yellow kirtle is a heavy damask linen I’ve had for donkey’s years, and the overdress a silk/wool mix that I bought many years ago and dyloned – interestingly I got exactly the same colour(you can barely tell them apart) on a piece of wool twill that I recently dyed in the waste bath of two batches f cochineal and logwood that I threw together to use up.

the trim is very simple silk tablet weaving.



I ended up having to lace the sleeves on much lower than I’d thought in order to accommodate the over sleeves

I’ve never done these triangular shoulder inserts before (patterns of fashion 4 wasn’t around last time I made tudor undies) I quite liked doing them.


The collar has my first, rather primitive attempt at drawn thread work

I’ve never liked slashing very much, but thought I’d try to change my own mind by trying it. I don’t think I have – after over a month I’m still pretty much hating these.


am going to have to dig out some authentic pins, as this really needed them at the front


You’ll have to forgive how downright grumpy I look in these pictures (I tried to crop my head out wherever possible) as it might be pmt, but I’m pretty much hating this dress at the moment (apart from the smock, which I love). Mostly I pretty much loathe both lots of sleeves, specially the oversleeves, which are far too disney princess for my liking, and make me look even more broad shouldered than I actually am  – which is fairly broad shouldered.

Oh, and also because I thought I’d give pink a go, and I don’t think pink and I have made friends either.


Forgive the shoes, I forgot to bring my tudor ones


I do like the shirt though


 Which is a relief, as I think it took the same amount of time as the entire rest of the outfit. It’s self sewn linen embroidered with 30/2 nm silk that I dyed with cochineal

I also made a necklace from silver and pearls – I’ll try and remember to get it gilded next time I get some stuff done

As you can see I used the smaller pearls at the back where they won’t show, as I’m a bit short of the bigger ones and they’re expensive.

Gareth hates this necklace. Well, he hates all jewellery, but thinks this is specially hideous and chavvy. He refused to go to the shops with me when I tried it on a few weeks ago.

I was thinking of wearing this at Tatton in a few weeks time, but the way I’m feeling about it at the moment it’s going to stay in the wardrobe until I have no choice but to wear it




~ by opusanglicanum on June 5, 2011.

25 Responses to “Tudor stash frock”

  1. Saw you on LJ. I love the white underdress. The yellow grows on me too, but I think I agree with you on both the slashed sleeves and the pink. Any chance of wearing the same outfit but with a different top most layer? (And different sleeves?)

    • the pink is actually slightly less pink and more purple in reality, and I think I could learn to live with it. If I had more I would think about making new sleeves, but am a bit fed up with it right now.

      I think what I really need to do is wear it again when I dont have homicidal pms, I might be able to think about it straight then

    • I think maybe I just need to try it on again when I dont have homicidal pms, I might feel differently then. but thank you for your kind comment!

  2. Honestly, I love this outfit and I think you look like you stepped directly out of a painting of the period. Kudo’s to you for all the handwork and for trying new (slashed) styles.

    *thumbs up*

  3. LOVE this. And the necklace looks great, not chavvy at all. (Bounced here from LJ too).

    • gareth thinks all jewellery looks chavvy(I tend not to wear any when he’s around cos he steals it and dumps it in odd places for me to find weeks later), but he seems to have taken a particualr dislike to this. luckily for him I seem to be attracted to some very strange men

  4. Panic not, all men are strange, it comes with the dangly bits. I hope his mother cut the tail off at birth! The outfit looks great to me, and will be fabulous for story telling, and the necklace in nothing like as chavvy as some of the stuff the Tudors actually wore. I love jewellery so ignore the nay sayers and wear it with pride!

  5. I’ve loved watching this come together, and I was so interested in the presence of tablet weaving on the gown that it sparked me into a whole new line of research. If I had an outfit like this I would never take it off.

    • ooh – what are you researching?

      I almost didn’t take it off. I had so much trouble i had to ask gareth to help me and he said he didn’t know how, me hissing “the way a gentleman helps a lady take off her coat” resulted in a bit of a blank stare – he’s not very good at being gentlemanly (luckily for him he has redeeming qualities!)

      • narrow wares and specifically tablet weaving in the medieval period and 16th-17th centuries. I’d never really given much thought to it because only the vikings in my area do tablet weaving, so seeing it done so well on a much-later piece got my brain all crazy interested. I actually found a chevron braid similar to yours in PoF 1 — I don’t think it’s actually tablet woven, but the effect looks very similar to yours.

  6. I think it looks lovely, especially the shirt!

    • I like the shirt too

      am going to make a concerted effort to keep it away from my boyfriend, who insists I have the stinkkiest pits of any woman that ever lived and washes my shifts to within an inch of thier life (luckily for him I;ve never trusted smooth talking men)

  7. Jenny sent me a photocopy of some tablet almost identical to this a few years ago, and I found it again a few weeks back. Studys a tip right now, but when I find it again I’ll try and rememebr to note the details for you.

    It was early c17th, scandinavian, and some sort of livery on yellow worsted.

    I;ve always been fascinated by the idea that grand tourist could aparently buy a band with thier name, the place, and the date woven in. I quite enjoy doing the odd bit of lettering but i think I sold the last bit I did (it was the lord’s prayer in latin and it went for a priests stola)

  8. I see what you’re saying with the ‘Disney Princess’ sleeves, but they aren’t jarring and actually look quite nice! The shirt is fantastic, I need to work up the courage to do something like that. Well done!

    • in terms of weekends (AS i only worked on this the weekends I’ve been at gareth’s) the shirt took two and the dress took two, but I’m glad I did the shirt. I actually want to do one of those fancy c17th coif with spangles now, but I have other things to do…

      shirts dont really take courage, they just take perserverance, give it a go!

  9. Damned fine work, I love the colours, its even better when I know that its ‘stash’ garb, I love using my stash rather than buying new fabric, its an added challenge. Shame after all the hard work it doesn’t make your heart sing 😦

    • I find it excruciatingly painful to use my stash, I feel guilty, as if I’m breaking it somehow and spoiling the perfection of the stash!

      I found a very small piece of the pink, and i think I might be able to change the sleeve to something more satisfactory, but I need to get over my sulks first, so it might be a few weeks yet

  10. I’m with you on the sleeves – I think they belong to another doublet! Pink and purple combination can look a bit modern.

    • I’ve found another bit of pink, so once i finish sulking I’ll get round to unpicking all the tablet weave adn making a new sleeve. The purple is the easiest bit to deal with – apart from the bit where I have nothing else that even remotely looks nice with this, so i may have to buy something

  11. Love the shirt – I have not tackled much freehand black or red work yet. Thanks for visiting my site – I love your work.

  12. This is just gorgeous. I love the sleeves (I’m a big fan of both the puffed upper sleeve and slashing, but I grew up loving Snow White, so I might be biased.)

    I don’t like pink either, but it does look pretty with the trim.

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