labours of the months

…and yes, actaully, I am going to spell labour with a u, because I’m english, and I’ll spell things properly despite what wordpress tuts at, so there, nyah, nyah, nyah.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogpost…

This is piece number 6 in an ongoing project. The idea, for those of you not already familiar, is that I need something I can carry around in my bag to do at work.

*smirk* One of the perks of working as a historical interpreter is that I really can do my embroidery at work, and no one bats an eyelid – teachers even seem approving when I tell them I’m doing it to ignore children.

The subject was chosen fairly randomly, and on the basis that it looked as though it would keep me busy for a few years. Which it has, although to be fair I’m ploughing through it faster than I thought – only three years and I’m about halfway through – go me.

Its the Labours of the months, based on a set of windows from lausanne cathedral. This is June

I know its not my best ever bit of photography, which is probably just as well, since on the final day I took it to work I packed it in my lunch bag and some cherry compote leaked all over it.

Turns out cherry compote stains a bit, which is why Mr June looks a bit sunburnt.

Never mind – it counts as natural dye?

I’m a bit confused by june and july, to be honest, as they both seem to be captioned “julius”, but I’m not good enough at medieval latin to fathom it out (truth be told I failed latin as an undergraduate, with a lousy 26%, but they let me off cos I’d done well on everything else – I didn’t have the heart to tell Mr Hill that I’d only passed Greek the year before because instead of revising the night before I’d sent the night reading a translation of the obscure legal text that formed abut 80% of the paper – language isn’t my strong suit)

They are all done in Appletons crewel wool on assorted bits of scrap tweeds, split stitch, outlined then coloured in. When I’m done I’ll make a wall hanging out of them, although I realised last week that said hanging will be effing enormous – each circle is about 14 inches(like I said, not much planning went into this)

As  quick catch up, here are the rest.

To be honest, I’m a bit worried about the antependium right now. Not that it isn’t going well, more that it may be in mortal danger. I have to be away from home on business this evening, and normally when I go away, Branston comes with me, but tonight he’s home alone. He gets a bit distressed, even if he’s got a catsitter, and tend to destroy balls of wool and rearrange the furniture (he’s a big lad), and I had nowhere  I could hide the enbroidery frame from him…

~ by opusanglicanum on June 27, 2011.

6 Responses to “labours of the months”

  1. said hanging will be effing enormous

    Donate finished project to local museum or school? Or sell online — these are all so beautiful! I like the May horse and rider and dog.

  2. 14″ each! Wow!
    They look magnificent arranged together.
    Go you!

    • am going to make filler panels to join them together once they’re all finshed, and possibly a tablet woven border, so hopefully it will look quite smart

  3. Shouldn’t julius be July rather than June? I’m in awe, as I haven’t even tried anything but counted point since disastrous attempts in my teenage years.

  4. I’m a bit confused, to be honest, cos on the windows I’m basing this on, both june and july are labelled “julius”

    i think someone cocked up somewhere, but it wasn’t me, honest

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