Back from the International Medival Congress

Busy week. The only sessions at the IMC that I was interested in were the DISTAFF ones on Monday – well there was another one the use of fur, but it clashed with the DISTAFF ones, sigh!

There was an interesting session on the BAyeux tapestry, but the paper on the bliuat was cancelled due to ill health.

The craft fair on Tuesday went well though, I was especially pleased that the one of the organisers, who had been my first ever picklepatch cushion customer, came back and bought another – doubly so as she bought one of my favourite designs.

I bought some yummy new books – the new medieval textiles and clothing, naturally. Then I toddled over to Oxbow and picked up “Through a glass brightly”, as I was heading over to pay, the distinguished looking gent who owns the company said, “If you’re buuying that you need this too” and handed me  “Pattern and purpose in insular art” I realised that I did need it, and as I handed over my cash I called him a shameless book pimp – so he gave me a free book, the art of the medieval goldsmith.

I was very pleased with the way the stand looked for the societies fair on Wednesday. I didn’t display all of my silverwork as the stand wasn’t very big, but it did look pretty

I did do a little bit on my or nue embroidery, but not much as I was too busy yakking most of the time. But as you can see, I did finally get as far as the butterfly’s bum, which means I get to start on the wings at Berkeley in a couple fo weeks time, which is quite exciting



~ by opusanglicanum on July 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “Back from the International Medival Congress”

  1. Your butterfly’s bum is lovely, and Enjoy your new books! They sound fascinating

    • i’m really loooking forward to his wings

      good luck with your operations btw – I treid to comment but blogger hates me (it wouldn’t let me have a blog at all, no idea why, as I have a gmail account)

  2. His wings will be ….well, maybe you’ll invent new swearwords when you get just that one threaded needle too many? But it’ll be beautiful. I’ve never done Or Nue, but I’ve read comments from other embroiderers. Did you put up an image of the full butterfly so we can see what he looks like?

    Thanks for the luck. I’m mostly frustrated and annoyed – I want. to. embroider. But one haz to do these things.

    Stoopid blogger – did you see the linking problem I had a few posts ago?

    Speaking of BaroqueEmbellishments (the blog I was trying to link to at the time), Kimerberly’s latest post is VERY VERY exciting to all embroiderers interesting in 17thC work. Heaps and heaps and HEAPS of Trevalyn’s original patterns have now been released at an on-line library. Her blog has the link. This is the kind of original pattern collection that I’ve always dreamed of getting my hands on!

    • can you take a small piece of embroidery into hospital with you?

      the only bit thats really worrying me about doing his wings is that the edge, which I painted in red cos it was the only colour I had, are meant to be yellow and I’m worried about it showing up agaisnt the gold – I do have a much paler rpimrose yelloow than the one I’ve been couching the gold with though, so i’m hoping that will show up better.

      blogger drove me potty. I tried to sign up for it before I got this one, and it just kept sending me round in circles asking me to sign into gmail – I almost threw the laptop out the window. pity, cos I like the layouts better on blogger – spoecially that thing where it shows your friedns posts along the side, its much easier to get updated that way. I did see your problmes tho, so maybe in the end I’m better off here

      I’ll try to remember to have a look later – I have to go to work soon – only two more half days before I’m finsihed for summer. cant wait to slob around the house sewing and banging bits of metal all summer!

  3. Oh, I want to see more of this one! As Elmsley Rose says, you might find yourself inventing swearwords, but it will be worth it!

    • I think i’m starting to get the hang of it, although the threads do sometimes get a bit tangled at the back.

      am not sure I have enough events this year to finish it tho, and I have other things to do at home, so it might end up carrying voer til next summers events

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