something to wear

So, at last spring’s Harrogate garden show I bought a wrap skirt. I don’t really wear long wrap skirts, as I don’t like wraps and I send so much of my working and playing life in floor length costume that I like to get my legs out when I’m in civvies.









BUt I really liked the print – it’s been years since I’ve seen any of these old fashioned Indian block printed cottons for sale, and it was only £25. So I took it home and chopped it up. There wasn’t a pattern, I simply cut along the circular line of the print, added a zip and a black cotton petticoat (in case of windy days and bum flashing) and re-used the waistband

 The Elephant skirt was the quickest to make because it already had a hem – Half an hour on the sewing machine on a Saturday morning so that I had something to wear in order to attend the glorious beer festival of failure near Windermere that evening (Third day of a four day festival and all ninety of the real ales promised had been crossed off the board as unavailable)





 I didn’t get round to finishing this one until this afternoon tho, and I think I like it better because the pattern sits better.

Oh, and cos it has ponies on it – squeee!







 And I had a small bit left to make a little tote bag, which I like a lot.









Note to self – buy a proper waste paper basket for the sewing room at Gareth’s, cos using a cardboard box isn’t working very well…








~ by opusanglicanum on August 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “something to wear”

  1. Interesting, I have two items of Indian block printed cotton, a bed cover- thin, pink like this one and a table cloth- in green. Now you have me thinking. Not needed when I have a project or 34 on the go.

    • I did buy the skirt with the specific idea of cutting it up, but am in the planning stages of re using a woven hanging – not because I dont use it but because my cat wont let me keep it on the wall(he may look cute but he’s a hooligan in a fur coat)

      only 34? being a bit conservative, aren’t we?

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