tudor girls costume

Because we can’t let the boys have all the fun. Again, machine stitched so I feel a bit dirty!

I made the new kirtle slightly bigger than the old one, but the same basic colour – I like the blue because it allows us to discuss colour and its social significance in the c16th

It’s stiffened with buckram, which hasn’t quite settled in yet (I find buckram does need to wear a little to get the right shape, and its not very tight on the dummy, which doesn’t help) and laces up the back.

I didn’t really need a new gown for this outfit, but decided to make one anyway (am not making a new shift for it, as the old one is still just fine) but the gown was to be recycled from an old dress of mine. It was a fairly boring brown saxon dress that I used to use for working round the fire, it has a couple of minor burn holes, but its for a servants gown, so I think that just adds character

 You can see its a really simple shape (folded in half here), with sleeves that are meant to be rolled up a little, so theres lots of cloth.

 All I did was cut the top off the dress to give ready made skirt panels for the gown. then the bodice section was cut from the top and sleeves using a scaled down version of the gown I recently made for myself.


I made a far simpler sleeve for the girls gown though. Not that I didn’t think little girls wouldn’t adore the snow white sleeves, you understand, but I wanted to keep this one simple.

 I think the blue and brown actually look really pretty in an earthy sort of way – as a child my mother always told me to never combine blue and brown (I used to help make the jewelery she sold for a living, I got 10p for each necklace and was given pretty much free rien as long as I avoided certain colour combinations) but I’ve long since come to realise she was wrong.

two sorries here, btw, one that I never got round to asking Beth to model it for me, and one that I took this picwith the gown held by a safety pin as I hadn’t had a chance to make a hook and eye yet.

The undersleeves are the same linen damask as the boys outfit.

And in other news, I have a terrible yen to make a copy of the Arnolfini gown. all that fancy pinking appeals to me, and I do like green. I shouldn’t, I know I shouldn’t, cos I already have three posh c15th gowns and they’re such bulky things to store if nothing else.


~ by opusanglicanum on September 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “tudor girls costume”

  1. It’s the dagging that scares me off the Arnolfini gown. But oh, it looks nice! BTW, I did a Google search for ‘how to make arnolfini gown’ — the first site is a German lady who made it for herself; I thought her page was helpful.

    • hmm…for soem unknown reason my first reply went awol. Yes, I think I’ve seen that site, to be honest the daggin doesn’t scare me much, cos as long as you use decent (english, cos ours is the best) wool, its ok. By what some people ahve said on yahoo costume groups, either america doesn’t get the good stuff, or people just aren’t prepared to pay what it s worth

      the yardage is a little scary tho. one estimate i read said 17yards, although I thnnk this may easily translate to 8 1/2, as modern wools tend to be twice as wide – still scary on the price tho, as the good stuff isn’t cheap

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