weekend project, part two

I don’t seem to be getting on with this one very fast at all. BUt I did make a fair start on the knights panel this weekend. Didn’t spend as much time as I could on it because I also spent rather a lot of time perfecting the art of making proper french macaroons.

 I’ve often used gilded kid in medieval style applique (the leather bits on the Tristram hanging in the Vand A are said to have originally been gilded) and they do look lovely by candlelight. However, I’ve never used silvered kid before and I wasn’t sure if was strictly authentic, but then again this hanging is more for effect than authenticity, so I decided to give it a go.

I think the silver looks very effective, but to be honest that’s the last time I buy embroidery leather from my local embroidery shop – it was as tough as old boots! Even with a leather needle I struggled – the quality of the gilded kid I got from a whoolesale supplier is far superior, I shall be patient and order from them next time I need some.


Oh, and I swear that when i got the whole thing finished I will ask Gareth to take a better photo, as for some reason mine are all coming out ever so slightly lousy and out of focus


~ by opusanglicanum on October 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “weekend project, part two”

  1. Gold and silver kid, French macaroons….you are living the high life! *grin*

  2. the macaroons thing is just to prove that I can, really, cos they’re menat to be so fiendishly difficult

    needless to say I have pretty much cracked them cos I’m a total domestic goddess

  3. I wonder how long they lasted in your house 🙂 They wouldn’t last long here!

  4. I left most of them wiht gareth – I only had 3

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