tudor stash frock…again

So, we all know how much I hated the sleeves on my tudor stash frock earlier this year, and I’ve always intended to go back and re-hash them, but hadn’t had time until this weekend.

I did hope that I might be able to use the panes from the sleeves and just re-assemble them without unpicking the tablet weave, as somehow this seemed to me to be a far more period solution to my problem than just re-cutting and using a whole new piece of cloth, however, once I had the sleeves off the dress this proved to be impossible, so a whole new bit of cloth it was. I did re-use the black taffeta lining though, as the basic shape was pretty much the same.

 Interestingly, this arrangement of the tablet weave used almost every scrap that I’d had on the original sleeve, and no more.


Needless to say, unpicking all of it was extremely tedious.


To be honest am not sure If I won’t unpick this again and straighten it a little. As it is it lines up with the angle of my arms when I wear it, rather than being completely vertical, and I’m not sure which I find more aesthetically pleasing.



 Speaking of aesthetically pleasing, I’m sorry the photo is on the dummy and not on me, but its been a long day and I was busy cooking dinner by this point, so I just couldn’t be fussed trying the whole thing on again. I have had the gown on without the kirtle underneath though, and it looks far better on me than the previous effort (and here I use the word effort in that slightly disparaging northern inflection).


I like it so much better that I may even be brave enough, or perhaps foolhardy enough, to wear it at TORM next weekend.


The flash photography makes the tablet weave look very very gold, doesn’t it?

~ by opusanglicanum on November 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “tudor stash frock…again”

  1. Love the colors, and I think the gold really pops out on the sleeve. I hope you’re able sometime to post a piccy of you wearing the dress!

  2. Yes, it’s one of those times when flash photography is actually good!

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