I had a lovely weekend at the Original Re enactors market last weekend.

obviously, there was shopping.

 Mostly, as usual, I bought fabric. This time, unusually, some of it was even justifiable purchases.

The green you see here is a nice heavy wool, which is for a fun project I shall be starting, and completing, over the next week or so.

the gorgeous black and silver brocade silk was an impulse buy. You see, I always have to have a nice blanky to snuggle on the sofa, and have two that are wool squares edged with silk – this silk will make three, although I haven’t yet decided whether the wool element will be blakc or burgundy.

And yes, that is an entire skin of gilded kid leather. It was stupidly cheap and I’ll use a large chunk of it to re do John’s Richard III surcote for next year. He had some that was pale silvery gold, but when I asked if he had any darker he pulled this out and said it what he makes up for Vivienne Westwood. He also says that if this work out a bit stiff for me he’ll do one up in thinner leather, which I might just go for anyway at that price.

I also bought four metres of this very heavy silk brocade. Now, before you run away to vomit at the sheer gaudiness of it, let me say in my defence that it was cheap.

Like, stupidly cheap.

like, seven quid a metre for heavy silk brocade.

I decided that for that price I could learn to love it – either that or wear shades.

I’m still mulling over what to do with it tho, as I didn’t buy it with any clear idea of what I wanted it for. I’ve already ruled out Tudor. One of my first instincts is that it would work beautifully for something liturgical, except that I don’t really need anything liturgical.

At the moment I’m toying with and early c15th dress – you know the kind that had a fitted and flared bodice, a plain scooped neckline, and no belt. I don’t have one of those, and it would give me the perfect excuse to make a really daft hat.

I did wear the Tudor stash frock all day one Sunday, and now I hate the purple undersleeves. I’m thinking I can rescue it by replacing them with silk ones. Ian did have a lovely pink and gold brocade that complemented the ensemble perfectly, but by late sunday afternoon I had shopping fatigue – I need half a metre at £40 a metre, and Ian had already had over £60 of my money between the two brocades by that point. I’m going to sift through my silk stash and see if I have anything else that might do, but if not I’ll probably treat myself in spring.

Now the chaos has abated somewhat, I can hopefully get back to sewing. I want to finish the next antependium panel before starting on my Christmas presents, and I have a few personal sewing bits to do as well.





~ by opusanglicanum on November 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Shopping!”

  1. ‘either that or wear shades’ lol I’d opt for a blindfold. Yes, make a silly hat, I love silly hats

  2. I think the bright silk is FABULOUS! But then I’m in the middle of a 16th century Moscovy ensemble. Its a little tame compared to some of the stuff in my wardrobe. I’m also in favor of silly, silly hats.

    • I am starting to like it more and more, but i think it will stew in the stash cuboard for a while before I decide what to do with it

      am very motivated by the thought of a new silly hat

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