Labours of the months – July

 So, here we have Mr July from my Ongoing Labours of the months handbag embroidery project – thats the embroidery I carry around in my handbag, rather than a handbag I’m embroidering.

HIs hair was a bit of an experiment. I thought I’d give him curly ginger hair like Gareth, cos he’s doing the gardening, and gardening is Gareth’s favourite thing in the world apart from lasagne. I’m not sure it was entirely succesful, to be honest, as I think if I were him I’d sue my hairdresser.

It’s all split stitch, wool thread on wool tweed, like the others.

It all gets a bit racy in August, as Mr August has no shirt on, the shameless little man-slut!

p.s. – there will probably be a short hiatus on the historical embroidery/costume front over the next three weeks, as I have Christmas presents to make, and I’ll be posting about them instead. However there will then be a historical embroidery glut over Christmas.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 27, 2011.

6 Responses to “Labours of the months – July”

  1. Marvellous work, especially in close up when you click to enlarge. As a fellow redhead, I think Mr July’s hairdo is just great.

  2. I love the way you’ve done the wheat and the tares (I’m a city girl, I’ve got no idea…).

    • the wheat was fiddly, I will be glad when I get the august threshing pic over and done with, cos then I don’t have to do any more wheat.
      I do have to do grapes for september tho, and they look just as bad

  3. I like his hair, and the colours you used in his garment, with the shading. Also the design with the semi-rounds of wheat, and him pulling one up.

    • I can’t really lay claim to the design, as it comes from a piece of stained glass (as do the rest of the labours) but they do translate very well to embroidery, dont they?

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