My new boots for my Christmas costume arrived, aren’t they pretty?

They were made by Kevin Garlick on the isle of wight

I already have eleven pairs of Kevin’s boots, ten pairs in this style with silk brocades of various colours on (they live in my Nana’s china cabinet in my living room) and one splendid red leather pair, but Kevin said he would make me a christmas pair in the printed cotton I sent him, so my christmas storytelling outfit would be properly accesorised. Not that I’m a complete and utter shoe whore or anything.

They’re made on original victorian lasts, so they’re a bit narrow fitting, but then so are my feet, so they fit me fine (some people apparently have to get a sie or two bigger than thier usual)

I can’t wait to wear them on monday! I need to spray them with fabsil to stop them staining first though.

Gareth is amused by the fact that he bought some of the same fabric to make special christmas curtains for his place, so now my boots will match his curtains.

I also got some silks from devere

I’ve never used deveres silks before, but a friend had some of the thicker ones over summer (these are the finest they do) and I liked the look of them so I treat myself. I’ve left them in the packet for now because they look like yummy sweeties.

I bought them because I plan to start another almoner purse over christmas. Round these parts we tend to watch a lot of films over christmas and new year, and I’m not brilliant at sitting still for that long, so I need something to play with, but there’s no room to have the big frame with the antependium out when the living room is full, so I wanted a small thing I could have in my lap. I know no one will be online over christmas, but I plan to post of picture of myprogress each day so I can keep track, I thought that would be interesting, for me at least.


~ by opusanglicanum on December 2, 2011.

14 Responses to “Boooooots!!!!”

  1. He should post this photo on his website. He doesn’t have anything this pretty in his product photos!

  2. Oh I will be online over the holidays, will love to watch your progress daily. Please let me know about these particular silks and how they stitch. I have a project that will need a medium to fine silk embroidery to work through silk charmeuse fabric for a renaissance shirt. So I would rather do a silk than woolen crewel on silk, but I have my options open. I am the same way about not sitting still, I drive my fiance crazy not able to sit though lots of TV. Adore the shoes, they are the cutest things.

    • I will, although I think if you follow the daily stitch posts it might be fairly self eveident how they work.

      The ones I oredered are more of a floss, if you want something twiisted the handweavers studio do a range of two ply 60/2 nm silks that I’ve embroidered with for years (The header of my blog is done in them) it really depends what you’re intending to do – if its something more blackworky I’d reccomend 60/2(about the thickness of sewing cotton, but you can use multiple strands), or 30/2 from george wiel, which is what I did for the blackwork on my tudor shift.(a bit thicker)

      I wouldn’t reccomend trying wool on silk though, its never good to sew silk wiht anyhting but silk, it doesn’t like it at all and resists something horrible. Which all made sense when I was reading how attila the hun’s mne wore thin silk jack as they provided better defence against arrows than metal armour cos the silk twisted around the shaft

  3. Oh my, those boots… I’m not really into shoes or footwear, but these are just splendid. I don’t sit still either and will also be checking in to see how these silk threads stitch. In my experience, silk thread is always delightful to use.

    • silk anything is always delightful, I’ve bene a complete silk whore since I was about five and got my first touch of a bit of silk.

      I always feel special wearing kevin’s boots, cos I know they’re unique. he had the red leather pair he made me last year in his shop window and told everyone he was making them for the new bond girl!

  4. I do rather like those boots, I must admit.

    And even if I don’t see each photo as you post it, I’ll still be fascinated to catch up when I get back online!

  5. Oh squee! Look at the boots!! Are they the ladies’ Victorian Ankle boot? (Yes, been there and drooled)

    You’ll have to tell us how the Devore silks work out – I haven’t heard much about them myself.

    Lovely treats!

    I bought myself a proper vintage silver filigree ring, long and inset with maroon stones, a pearl handled nail file (again, vintage but plenty of burr left on it) and a German silver backed horsehair hair brush – about $100 all up, all from Etsy. For moi for Christmas – I’m spoiling myself!

    • they are indeed

      I hadn’t until a friend was using them (for fingerloop braiding of all things) and I thought thy looked nice – and they do come in a lovely range of colours

      I have this terrible havit that my christmas presents to myself are usually glass christmas baubles, its an addiction. I must admit that the last few years I haven’t bought more than half a doen per year, but this year I’ve spent maybe £150 over the last couple of months, Today I got a collie dog, a tiger, a golden labrador, a slice of pizza and some cakes – all glass. I really shouldn’t, cos I hang them all round the room and still cant put them all up anymore, I have to rotate them

  6. Those boots are just lovely, but I would not dare wear them. They will be just great with your Christmas coat.

    I am drooling at the photo of the silk – I want, I want, I so neeeeeed some!

    • they’re not too bad to wear – the secret is spray on fabsil, a silicoone tent sealant that comes in a spray – you coat them with that and they’re fine. I spilled chocolate cake batter on one of my silk pairs once and it just wiped straight off, its brilliant stuff. A friend told me about it cos he said all the blokes on aircraft carriers spray thier clothes with it to keep dry, but it seems to repel most forms of dirt as well

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