a bit of a placeholder post…

I did swear when I started this blog that I would post at least once a week, no matter what – even if it was just a fairly boring update.

Unfortunately I’ve been very busy making chirstmas presents this last week, and nothing is yet in a fit state to be photographed, so instead I bring you something old. Three felted cushions I made about four years ago. I did quite a few of these at the time, mostly as christmas presents for family, and a couple for myself.

Originally I was going to take pictures of the ones I made for myself, but unfortunately when I took the back out of the utility room, it was full of mouse shit and nibbled cushions, so I took pictures of the ones I did for Gareth instead.

Then I had very stern words with Branston about the matter, telling him he should be ashamed of himself. He sat there and looked at me, with his head to one side, as if to say, “Your mouth flaps about a lot and you make strange noises. Monkeys are funny!”

Pics of christmas presents soon!





~ by opusanglicanum on December 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “a bit of a placeholder post…”

  1. How covld yov expect poor Branston to ignore all that lovely fvr trimming?

    The cvshions look lovely – mostly embroidered patterns rather than appliqve vpon appliqve?

    • the ones in this picture are just felted. I laid the picture out with differnt coloured bits of fleece, then laid a net over the top before doing the thing with the rolled up bamboo mat, the tres have buttons and pompoms sewn on afterwards as baubles, and the snowmen had littles beads as buttons.

      I was more annoyed with branston cos he’d let mice into the house, even if it was just the utility room!

  2. You are very talented. I love those luscious Christmas trees.

  3. The Christmas trees are really nice, the way the colours blend. Takes advantage of the wool’s texture. Great idea for a felted project!

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