It’s starting to look like Santa’s workshop round here

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy making Christmas presents.

Mum’s version of the coat is finally finished!

 I’m actually really glad this one is done. I enjoyed doing mine, but this one was torture. I hadn’t realised when I cut it that this particular piece of red wool is highly resistant t needles, so now I have a massive, painful hole in my finger from sewing it. I’f I’d had more time and money I probably would have thrown this red out and used another piece, as it was so awful to handsew.

I was a little worried about the fluffy edging on this one. I’d bought all the shop had to offer, so no more was to be had. Luckily I did it with a foot to spare – much to Branston’s delight, as he now h as a new toy to kill.

I’ve also finished a few presents, but I can’t show you all of them just yet, some because I forgot to take pictures of them, and others because I’m worried thier intended recipients may be reading.


 THe dragons are for my stepdad and for JOhn. We debated which one to give to whom – I like the red one best and Gareth like the green. In the end JOhn got the green on as it looks meaner, and JOhn likes mean dragons, (I was once making him a dragon surcote and he kept banging on and on and on about how he wanted the dragon to be butch, so at the last minute I gave it earrings and a tiny wee handbag)

I think that in the new year a version of this design may become my next pickle patch kit, although I’ll most likely tweak the colours.

 the little westie is already a picklepatch kit, but I thought my aunty would like him so I did a version for her.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 23, 2011.

13 Responses to “It’s starting to look like Santa’s workshop round here”

  1. I love the Westie. Probably because I have got two. Also sympathise re hand-stitching the red wool, I learned the hard way about hand-stitching through bondaweb. Never again. Happy Christmas, Ann.

    • ah, but I don’t use bondaweb, not for hand applique, it was just really tough wool.

      the westie confuses me – everytime I do an event to sell my kits, everyone who comes up to the stall says, “oooh! I love the westie!” then buys something else – I have never sold a westie kit!

      happy christmas!

  2. I choked when I read about you putting a handbag and earrings on John’s “butch” dragon.
    I like the red one best too – I think the blue background looks so rich against the other colours. Lovely dragons!

    Your poor finger! Do you know about Clover’s needle grabbers? Little blue plastic ovals. You hold the needle with one (one lasts for ages, I’ve attached one to my scissors with some ribbon so I don’t loose it) and it’s MUCH easier to get the needle through – kid, multiple layers of material where the thread has built up at the back (that’s where I use it myself), and anything else.

    • john was not so well pleased when I gave it to him in front of an audience = they did come off tho, they were only tacked on

      normally I don’t have a problem with the wool, it was just that one piece of cloth. I dont really have any toys like that, i spend all my money on cloth and dont have any left over. I probably could have used one this morning when i was putting the last stitches on another presie – i kept having to put the needle where i wanted it and making gareth drag it through

  3. Green dragon, definitely! Maybe John would have liked red flames and smoke coming from the dragon’s mouth and nostrils….

  4. Dragon, with handbag and earrings? Want one! In fact I must have one! Must jump up and down and ask Katexxxxxxx if I can have one on my purple coat when she unearths it from the heap of unfinished objecks! She does good dragons! Love the coat and the cushions, but I do prefer the coat you made for yourself.

  5. Love the idea of a dragon with earrings!

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