project day4

aargh! Am going to have to take a picture in daylight – all the dark colours ore showing as black because of the flash. there was a lot of dark blue today, honest guv!

~ by opusanglicanum on December 27, 2011.

12 Responses to “project day4”

  1. Honest, I CAN see the purple & the blue, as couldn’t really see the purple in the previous shot. It really did look black in that one. Really do like your design, we’ve used it too. Google “Gerek’s woodworking” and take a look at the WISTEC photo (#5 from top, I think). I’ll have to get him to put a close-up on-line, although you should be able to see the roses, in pink… this is fun, I’ll be back tomorrow, 😎 from AnTir (Eugene OR)

  2. WOW! I like the pattern your using! Where did you find it at?

    • its from a german manuscript, I have it in a book but i’ve also seen it on the net.

      ‘m adapting it a bit tho, the figure will have red and brown hair like myself and gareth, rather than the tuetonic blonde originals, and the roses will be white rather than the original red, as we are in yorkshire. the original had a hawk on the man’s fist, but i’ve substituted our two kitties

      • oh yes I know the manuscript your talking about. Ive done scrolls with illumination from there…by far my favorite source. Hummmm gives me a few more ideas for my next embroided scroll. Thanks!

  3. Out of curiosity (and admittedly so I can plan future projects), how much time do you spend each day? Roughly?

    I’ve reached the point where I’ve started applying the Snowball method on my project list.

    To explain: in debt reduction, the Snowball method has you paying the minimum on each debt except the one with the highest interest. That debt gets all the money you can find. In project de-listing, I’m going for completing the project with the highest rate of speed first. So all the kumihimo is stuck at the tail end of the list because kumihimo is slooooow. Fingerloop braiding much faster.

    • erm… to be honest it varies according to how much cooking/socialising/general christmas crap i have to do that day. yesterday I sewed through a documentary on jane austen, pirates of the carribean 4, and how to train your dragon, then I drank too much port. today, however, since the guests are gone, gareth will no doubt demand I put the needle down after dinner and cuddle hiim instead. this will most likely involve a lot more port than is strictly adviseable

  4. It’s looking lovely 🙂

  5. unless I missed it and its possible…lol….what type of stitch are doing?

  6. Cool! I thought so…. 😉 Thanks!

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