project day 5

I am a little disappointed with myself, to be honest. You see, I seem to have ever so slightly ordered the wrong blue.

Part of the object of this project was to see how I liked working with De vere silks, which I’ve never used before (I’m using the finest, 6 denier floss), but when I came to fill in the paler blue on Gareth’s robe it turned out that I’d ordered a shade far to close to the mid blue, so it really didn’t show up at all.

So, rather than wait several weeks until De vere’s reopened and I could get another blue, I had to use some of the silk floss from Mulberry Dyer, which has given me this rather mottled appearance that I’d rather have avoided. Debbie’s (the mulberry dyers) blue’s do let her down somewhat – although I do have some blue she did specially for me that isn’t mottled at all, its  because I specifically ordered a darker, more overdyed than usual, indigo, which is therefore almost the same colour as the two very similar de vere blues and therefore no use here.

*shrugs* oh, well, its not exactly the end of the world…


~ by opusanglicanum on December 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “project day 5”

  1. Interesting, what you seem to be seeing as “mottled” blue, is striking me as really complex (nice) shading. Maybe too modern an effect for what you wanted? But it looks really nice to my eye, and not enough variation to be jarring. Like, from the slightly darker patch along the top of the thigh, to the slightly lighter bits on the side of the thigh… more like you’re using 3 shades instead of the 2 you really are!

    • erm…there are three shades, and i did do some fairly complex shading – theres a very very dark blue(mostly outlining), a mid blue(the darker patch along his thigh, amongst others) and then the naturally dyed blue from mulberry, which is what you’re seeing as the slightly lighter bits along the side of the thigh. The mottling is in the lighter blue, theres a lot of variation in the dye which kind of irritates me as theres no reason for it other than a poor dye job, and a poor dye job is by no means more authentic, but that was the only pale enough thread I had. I’ve always disliked variagated threads

  2. It looks good…I like how it looks all bunched up on his garb…..

    • I like doing robes, you have to draw them as chairuscuro and then colour in, so that suits my style of drawing, cos if you give me a pencil I hate shading things so i just draw the shadows

  3. I think it’s looking very good!

  4. Exactly what chimene said in the first comment.

    Don’t you hate it when there isn’t enough contrast between the tones? (Well, obviously you do- you just wrote a post about it). It’s caught me out as well.

    • I dont like the mottling simply because it looks too modern – think about it, anyone dying silk in the middle ages was a skilled proffesional, and no way would professional pride or guild regulations let something like that ever reach the consumer.

      lack of contrast was my own stupid fault – I had a shade card right in front of me/ then again, the blues weren’t grouped together but scattered about, sooo…not entirely my fault

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