project day 6 – kitties!

When I originally drafted the design the cats were only drawn as placesavers – I knew they looked far too modern for the rest of the picture, but I just wanted to make a start so I put cats in to give a rough idea.

Since then I’ve done a bit more research and today came the day to medievalise Branston and Hobbes. Not sure medievalise is actually a word, but never mind, you know what I mean.

Anyway, In Hobbesy’s case this meant changing his shape quite a bit, as you can clearly see from the lines left behind him. HIs ears changed from forward facing to sideways, and his bodyshape sort of reversed, going from pot bellied to barrel chested – he still looks a bit porky though, which is fairly accurate for Hobbesy. (Gareth insists Hobbes is ‘muscular’, everyone else says he’s porky. Hobbes like to eat) His paws have also been splayed out in accordance with drawings of domestic cats from the period – Hobbes has dainty little oriental paws.

He’ still a spotty little Bengal, which is hardly accurate for the period, but obviously medieval gareth… an accomplished leopard tamer…or something.

In art as he is in life, Hobbes was slow and difficult(at least stitchy Hobbes hasn’t peed on anything…yet), so not much other progress was made today, apart from roughly stitch scetching the outline of medieval Branston, who is basically going to be a small grey medieval lion with enormous paws – pretty true to life, in fact.

 tomorow I hope to colour in brannybear, do my sleeves and at least start on my dress

~ by opusanglicanum on December 29, 2011.

10 Responses to “project day 6 – kitties!”

  1. I LOVE your kitties! I think they both very appropriately medieval and truly cat-like (not at all morphing into a peculiar medieval creature of some sort). Can’t wait to see more of this project.

  2. Yes, Hobbes has turned out very well!

  3. Oh my – Hobbes looks magnificent!! His tail is the right medieval shape too. Maybe a little more ‘sway backed’ on the spine? But you want to reproduce *your* cats.
    Really really lovely – I mean it!

    • the kitty I based hobbes on – the medieval kitty that is – was more hunch backed than sway. they’re a bit random really.

      am pleased to say thicky spots hobbes is gareths, and most defiantely not mine – I would have thrown him out for peeing on the floor! but thank you anyway

      • I thought about going to check some images of medieval illuminations of cats – coz I knew their backs tended in one direction or the other, but then I thought – how the hell do I find the images?
        It just occured to me to Google/Images/medieval illumination cats, and you are totally right. They are hunch backed, with a couple of exceptions!
        So that shows that my memory sux! And I shouldn’t make serious comments when I’ve had too little sleep, and I really really should know that by now! I like to pretend that I have knowledge stored in my head. (You know I did medieval illum and callig for 6 years?)

        Hobes may pee, but he is beautifully embroidered. Just a few slanting long stitches in yellow at his feet perhaps, across that dark brown board he’s standing on? (I’m joking)

        One of mine vomited up
        – a bird’s head, intact
        – a quarter of a bird, including the leg (I bet the feet tickled coming back up his throat)
        – and a general unidentifiable but slightly feathery mass
        on the bathroom floor last night…..

        I was up several times during the night, and kicked the head across the bathroom floor twice, then stepped in the general mass (right in the centre) first thing this morning. Jasper was at risk of being turned into fur slippers! At least their ‘killing room’ is the bathroom, where the results are easy to clean up.

        I’m looking out for a neighbour’s cat atm. I think she’s trying to adopt me. She’s a very young and pretty striped ginger, with two rear white gloves to the elbow. The owner isn’t feeding her enough, she’s loosing weight, and he/she/they aren’t paying her much attention either. She comes around her (much to my own cats’ disgust) occasionally for some food and always for lots and lots of pats. She’s a bit badly behaved, but that’s because of her upbringing. I used to foster cats for the Cat Protection Society and have domesticated feral kittens and abused/just plain ignored adults before. Because she’s a cat, she knew this when she choose my window to hop into, of the all the blocks of flats, and my block of 22 flats across the road from where she lives. I really want to have ‘a word’ with this neighbour, but I haven’t really got anything to base it on, other than “can you love her a bit more?”. I’m sure she’d love to move in (I call her Rusty, not after her colour, but her miaow) but 3 cats is a bit much.

      • the dark brown board hobbes is standin on would be gareth – are you calling my boyfriend a bit of a plank?

        fair comment

        ours are indoor cats, so what they can sick up is limited to what they can find around the house, which annoyingly in branstons case seems to mainly be the expensive alpaca jumper i got for christmas, which he is currently determined to unpack and eat. little git.

        we had adopted cats when i was a teen, a brother and sister feral who were born in the back garden, they were lovely

      • oh! It’s his foot! I imagine the photo is maybe a bit darker, so I’m not picking up on the darker contrast details.
        I’d never call your bf a plank! I’m sure he’s lovely.

      • occaisionally, every now and then, when he really makes an effort, he’s lovely

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