project day 10

 Her (my) hair hasn’t quite filled up the entire area of the original sketch, but I decided there was enough – any more was in danger of looking too bushy.

My hair never looks that groomed, by the way, cos every time I brush it Gareth comes along and messes it up again.

The Seat-box- thing in the original manuscript was just a box with a line around, but I started doing a line, then I did another, then it got a bit sort of psychadelic.

I was having far too much fun.

 Gareth took the tree down today. It had a peculiar growth right next to where I’ve been sitting for the last week or so…


~ by opusanglicanum on January 2, 2012.

16 Responses to “project day 10”

  1. It’s looking lovely! Ienjoy seeing your progress, and the little messes we all leave in our wake!

  2. That isn’t a growth: it is eco friendly tinsel.

  3. nesting materials for the well appointed nest!

  4. I love your psychedelic box!

  5. Colorful!!

  6. This is a little late, but I love the growth on your tree! I have a little snifter glass into which I put my threads. I love seeing it fill up. Then you know you’re getting something done.

    • I usually get into trouble at least once a month for clogging up the hoover with stray threads, so I think Gareth was actually quite pleased with the growth!

      • Unfortunately I have to run my own vacuum, and therefore do it rarely. I try to keep the threads out of the cats (I have 2 also) and so avoid those ‘poo strings’ that come out the other end.

      • “Gareth, the hoovers brokend” results in him fixing it (not without considerable bitching, but he fixes it) then he does the floor just to check its working right. nerds ar great that way!

        branston enver bothers with silk, he has a wool fetish

      • My two current boys don’t really get into the threads (of any kind) unless they accidently get it in their mouths. Then they _hav_ to finish it. But I had a cat (female) who made it impossible to leave anything threadlike out at all. I’d like a vacuumming nerd.

      • branston like threads that dangle, he can bea nightmare when I’m warping up tablet weave adn ahve it stretched from one end of the house to the other, but then he’s usually more interested in smacking me than in chasing thread. he likes smacking people, and therefore sees me having my hands full as an ideal opportunity to get away with murder, sometiems I hate the fact that he’s clever enough to work stuff out

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