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Apologies, but there will be no update on the project today, as I’m away for work and have no way to download pictures on this laptop. So instead I bring you pictures of some christmas presents I made, and which I’ve been meaning to post since boxing day but was mostly either too drunkenend or too preoccupied.

First for my dad and stepmother

 I quite like the collie – he has a suitable insane look on his face (collies are never sane, the phrase “barking mad” was probably coined to describe a collie) even if his tongue is far far too pink. Its almost impossible to find pink wool, so you have to go with what you’ve got.

Obviously dad and janet think the collie is wor Trev – dad’s previous dog who died a year or so back (one of a long line of completely useless dogs my dad has owned over the years) but I just did a fairly generic collie, so a sheep seemed like the right thing to pair with it. Originally it was going to be a cartoony sheep, but then somehow it ended up as a sort of classic swaledale ram. I really like both of these and am tempted to make picklepatch kits of them, except that A) I don’t want to fall into the trap of doing specific dog breeds cos then you have to do them all – my mum specialises in that sort of thing and omg doggy people can be nit-picky specific, and B) am not too sure the sheep will sell.

These photos weren’t taken by me but by my uncle, Peter, cos I forgot to photograph them before I wrapped them. Peter wasn’t sure which cushions I wanted piccies of so he sent some other stuff, including this tractor, which is pre-picklepatch, and one of the first applique cushions I ever did as a present

More picklepatch is here

 dad is a complete petrolhead – I keep meaning to do a big yellow jcb to go with this one.

I have to say, that given this was made over four years ago its certainly wearing very well.



Then there were things I made for Gareth’s sister, Caz. Caz has a thing about west highland white terriers, made worse by the fact she can’t commit to having a dog whilst running a guesthouse (its called Rockside if you’re ever in Windermere its a lovely place to stay. They recently won a best breakfast award)

   Caz sent me this picture. Am  a little alarmed that she appear to have created a doggie shrine. The westie cushion is the first one ever, again predating picklepatch, and the Scotty cushion was this years present made to go with it. I would have liked to do them on matching tartans, but alas the only way to do this would have been to take apart my Romano british dress, which is where the rest of the fabric went – in many ways this wouldn’t have been a complete tradgedy, since all over plaid makes me look like a well upholstered yes tasteless sofa, but…

I am quite please with scotty’s ribbon collar tho.

The Scotty in the middle was a bit of a joke present. Gareth spotted a westie doorstop in John Lewis, but it was really expensive and looked like it would get very dirty very quickly. So gareth bought some black fur fabric on Leeds market and I made up a scotty instead (Caz had said she wanted a doorstop for when she’s cleaning rooms), I weighted his paws with dry sand in little bags, put a handle on his back to make him easier to carry from room to room, and sewed router mat to the bottoms of his paws to help him grip the floor (hotel regulation fire doors are heavy) Am keen to hear back on how well he performs in the line of duty.

The dog was probably the most challenging thing I made this chirstmas, as its been so long since I made any sort of soft toy.

Gareth took this of hobbes and Scotty (I think Caz named him Jock)

 Obviously only HObbes would be daft enough to pose for such a picture, as Branston has far more dignity than to be seen dead with a doggy, even an ersatz one.



There were also some machine applique aprons I made for martin, but I appear to have mislaid those photos. So last and probably least, I give you a cartoon meerkat nerd that I made for Gareth.

 Poor sergei, he’s such an unassuming little chap that it just didn’t seem right to make him sit in the middle of the cushion, so I let him inch into the corner instead (am not sure anyone outside the UK will understand compare the meerkat, but tis huge over here, and Gareths a sucker for Aleksander and chums)

I promise a proper embroidery update tomorow evening!


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5 Responses to “stuff I made”

  1. The ram kit could sell quite well in Gleann Abhann in the SCA, if you made the ram predominantly white, and the background half red and half black. It’s kinda the kingdom flag and all.

    • I already do one ram kit, a celtic ram which is rather lovely (you can see it in the cushion section at picklepatch – its one of my favourites), so am not sure about another.

      I wouldn’t have a clue about such a specific niche tho

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  3. I love your cushions. What a wonderful way to personalize a gift.

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