project day 12

Pavement, or possibly some sort of werid mutant architectural grass. Whatever it is it’s not very interesting apart from being a rather splendid shade of green.

Never mind – trees tomorow. trees are exciting?

~ by opusanglicanum on January 5, 2012.

21 Responses to “project day 12”

  1. ’tis a lovely shade of green. Love the colour variation you have right through the piece…..

  2. WOW that is really coming along great!!

  3. Yes – a lovely green, I’m not surprised it was yelling “Me, me!”

    • I really like greens, I think I probably have far too many green dresses

      • After over 20 years in black (the goth thing) I’m creeping out a bit…into a little cream and olive green. (My colouring suits the yellow/greens). I want to get a long pretty olive green skirt, coz got a couple of tops now.


    • I have spent so much of my life in costume that doing blakc really wasn’t an option – beside which I like colour too much

      • For many years, the only colours in my life were black, silver (jewellery), a bit of purple and maroon.
        Then I took up calligraphy and illumination and started to mix my own paints. And now embroidery.
        I adore colour now. Can’t get enough of it! I like to think of myself as a bit of a blank canvas, surrounded by colour.
        Since I just sent this to a friend, here’s a copy of what I sent …..enjoy

        “These photos will eventually go up on my blog….with more. And after I’ve removed the duplicates, and rotated a few.

        This is where I live!”

      • I like the little strawbeery pincushion – i never gat as far as smaking any needlework things for myself

        btw, twice this week I’ve left comments at your blog, filled out the wiggly word thing and everything, and they aren’t showing up. I seem to be able to comment on other blogger blogs but not yours, its wierd.

        those flower pics creep me out, I can appreciate the challenge, but I;ve always found that artsit quite macabre. I’m fine with the veggies – they’re comical – but not the flowers. I think its my lifelong hatred of dried flowers and poupourri

      • Well – bugger! I’ve had problems with comments getting through. Looks like there is still a problem. I’m getting very frustrated with my blog-builder!!
        It was sweet of you to comment tho.
        I was actually wondering why I was getting so few comments. I bet a heap of other people have had the same problem.

        I can see how you’d find “Flora” creepy. But not the guy made up of fish, because that’s just …eccentric. I think they are interesting in a ‘grotesque art’ sort of way, tho if I *were* to do one of Archimboldo’s pictures (which I don’t actually intend to), I’d be stuck with Flora. I can’t see myself committing to a whole lot of vegetables or fish or cuts of meat to embroider.

        ….off to e-mail the blogger guy….

  5. PS I didn’t make the strawberry pincushion – picked it up on Etsy. A nice one – 60++ years old. Just an ordinary wool filling tho.

    • good find then.

      dunno – I think the veggies might be more fun, veg has some very interesting textures. and fish are challenging in any media , getting that lovely shine on them

  6. You’re right. Especially going with some non-traditional threads. Jane of Chilly Hollow (do you know her?) would do a brilliant job of it!

    • i think i might have visited her blog occaisionally, but i’m not that interested in modern stuff

      • Know what you mean. I skim read for the occasional post on stitching faces or something else. All those canvases bore me. She does have a link to a nifty “enter DMC colour and find same/similar colours in other threads” utility down the bottom right somewhere. Plus, she’s really sweet, and I’m a sucker for a nice person who is really dedicated to their craft 🙂

  7. Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

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