project day 13

 sigh, again not so much progress as I would have liked, largely due to spending the afternoon in bed for the non-fun reason of a splitting headache (blasted sinuses)

Still, there is a little bit of tree. Not sure you can see where it’s going yet – the idea was to inject texture at the base of the wood, stretching out to pure pale green on the limbs, as that’s generally how rose bushes go about things.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “project day 13”

  1. I just LOVE the intensity of the colors. Beautiful!!

  2. I hope you are truly through the headache now. It’s no fun when your sinuses gang up on you!

    • mine are horrid bullies sometimes. trouble is I wake up fine and then decline throughout the day. will try to drink lots today – that usually staves it off. am going to be very upset if I dont finish the split stitch this weekend

  3. Your work is amazing. Thank-you for stopping by my blog – maybe the sinus thing is a common thread – mine are a royal pain too.

  4. Getting close to the finish of this beautiful little piece. 🙂

    And sinus headaches suk. Poor thing. I hope you got cat cuddles, not cat-walking-upon.

    • branny is being downright wierd at the moment. he sits next to me, sleeps for half an hour, then gets up and yells at me til I cuddle him, then once he’s had a five second pick up and hug he goes back to his seat. I think its all about the mind control

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