project day 15

ย Finished – yay!

Well, the silk split stitch is finished, at least, and to be honest that was all intended to do over christmas. Originally the gold background was going to wait until I finished the antependium, freeing up the frame cos the gold needs to be done under tension. However, I’ve been thinking of investing in a spare frame to use at Gareth’s. I’m picky about frames though, I can’t get on with anything but a screw frame and they’re pricey. I was about to buy one when I checked ebay, so now I’m bidding on a couple – fingers crossed! As long as I sort that out one way or another, I should be able to do the gold over the next month or so.

Originally the intention was for the roses to be white, rather than the red shown in the original manuscript this is adapted from – because this is Yorkshire, after all. Then I realised they needed outlining. At first I thought I’d outline them in pink as I have a particular fondness for the humble dogrose, then I had another idea, and proposed it to Gareth.

You see, Gareth used to work in plant sciences as a genetic engineer, as well as being a lifelong fanatical gardener (part of the reason this image spoke to me was because the lovers sit in a garden – not that you’d want to sit in Gareth’s garden at the moment cos he’s, er “renovating” it). One of the many holy grails of gardening is a truly blue rose, so I jokingly proposed it to Gareth and it amused him, especially since I wanted to keep the Yorkshire white and make them picotee roses, which is apparently even harder to breed.

So, picotee blue and white roses it was. I think they’re quite pretty.

Oh, and I meant to say yesterday – yes, I know I don’t always colour within the lines, but they’re my lines, and see them as guidelines that I’m free to ignore as I please.

Next week I’m home and should be able to get on with the antependium at last – I haven’t touched it since before Christmas when I started making presents. But then sometimes it good to have a break from a big project for a while.

But watch this space – hopefully there will be an update soon with the goldwork, and next Christmas I intend to repeat this project with the reverse side of the purse!

And big thankyou to Gareth for taking the pictures each evening.


~ by opusanglicanum on January 8, 2012.

33 Responses to “project day 15”

  1. Looks wonderful! Are you going to do something to the background?

  2. Very nice. I like it alot. What is your plan for the reverse?

    • same two people, but I found a manuscript illustration of two lovers in bed – its very chaste cos you just see thier heads sticking out from the sheets with little nightcaps on, but they’re obviously at it. this amuses my dirty little mind

  3. Lovely work Tanya. Beautiful workmanship!

  4. Love this picture you are doing. Your embroidery is amazing! Enjoying following your Labours of the Month project as well.
    I hope you don’t mind me saying but it’s quite hard to read your blog on the black background. Probably something to do with my age!!

  5. Beautiful work. I recognized the cats first ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. What a great idea to make the roses a little fantastical. Now the lovers are in a magical bower…

  7. They (um the 4 of you) look ready to leap into life! Wonderful! You’ll make a anglicanum convert of me yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I really enjoyed doing the kitties – not something I normally get to do

      • ‘naminals are fun. I really enjoyed painting a monkey (medieval illumination) a few years back. He was a Royal Monkey with a collar. Fur and contour shading rather than drapery and faces.

      • fur is actually very hard to paint.

        I might be picking your brains soon – for some abstract reason, blogger finally let me create a blog(probably cos i already ahve one elsewhere) am considering double posting everything but am finding blogger dashboard quite hard to navigate – am going to look at it again next week, I have period head right now and find it hard to think

      • You want to maintain a Blogger Blog AND a WP one? It’ll mean double posting, or constantly importing your blog between one and the other.
        May I ask why? (maybe go to e-mail)

        I’ve just been persuaded to change my blog to WP, coz it’s much easier to implement various functions. You may find Blogger very clumsy after using WP. And it doesn’t have things like this ‘threaded comment’ function that we’re using at this very moment.

        I have Marie Angel’s “Painting for Calligraphers” if you want info on painting fur. I have a link to needlepainting fur. (I can scan the Angel if you want it – it’s only a bit of it – it’s the acknowledged ‘best book’ on that subject).

        I know lots about Blogger – spent months looking at plug ins etc. And learning WP now. I used to be a software engineer so more ‘comfortable’ in the environment that a non-IT person. Happy to provide any advice.

      • I still haven’t decided on the double posting thing – my main reason for wanting blogger is that I can’t work how to follow blogger blogs on wordpress, so i may just maintain the other one as an empty blog for keeping track of other peoples postings. other than the not being able to follow non wp blogs i’ve found wordpress a piece of cake – and I’m pretty much incompetant with technology. I did look at blogger last night, posting wise, and got a bit bamboozled, so am leaing towards not posting there much.

        I don’t do caligraphy (which you would realise if you saw my handwriting) so I doubt angel would be much use to me, but thank you for the kind offer

      • You mentioned “Painting” – Marie Angel is on painting fur.

        You could download a free “RSS/Atom feed finder” utility from the net. Mine sits in my toolbar then I hit it’s button when I want to add a blog to my feed. Then go WP and add the feeds to your blog list. It should definitely have an option to import feeds (Since I’m new to WP, I can’t be any more descriptive than that.). Hope this helps
        (When people say this to me, I groan internally)

  8. There WILL be a much simpler solution on hooking up to Blogger blogs than making a whole other blog for yourself!! WP people are ‘hooked up’ to Blogger Blogs all over the place. I know various ways to hook various types of Blogs to Blogger. Sorry I can’t be more helpful ‘going the other way’.
    But, please – ask around to find a solution. It might be techy and somthing you don’t understand, but follow the steps that someone suggests. Please don’t go to the trouble of creating a whole new blog. I’m going to go have a look on the Net for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Before worrying about my answer above (which is for where WP is having trouble picking up the RSS/Atom feed from a blog) try reading which describes other people having the same problem and the solution really briefly, then
    which describes the solution completely.

    I’m thinking that this might be the answer, since you are having problems picking up ALL Blogger blogs, not just individual ones that have problematic feeds, which is where you need a utility to go find the feed, as I describe in the last post.

    Tell me if you’e already done the above in WP, and still having probs ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ok, thanks, I’ll have a look tomrow and let you know how it goes – not online this evening

      you remind me of gareth – he has to solve all the computer problems too, I just get frustrated and give up

    • I think that’s worked, but sometimes its hard to tell cos to be honest wordpress got stuck on me for two days this week – showed no updates on my read blogs page, then dumped two days worth at once – then they all disappeared for another day! so I shall have to let a week go by before I can really tell whats going on, i think

      • I’m working on developing my WP blog right now. If Gareth can’t help you, I should be in a much better position to help in a week or two ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I think the not showing updates thing is just a glitch wordpress has from time to time – its on the read blogs page.

        If you work out how to import that nifty sidebar that gives instant update info i;d love to know tho

  10. Although I look nothing like him…def ask him. ๐Ÿ™‚ The relevant links are in that last post, so it’ll be easy. No double blogs for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Amazing work!

  12. This is very very beautiful!
    May I ask how you got the shading so perfectly?

    lots of love,
    Elsi ๐Ÿ™‚

    • there is a tutorial on the faces in a quite recent post if you go to the homepage. garments are best approached from a painterly piont of view with an eye to the chairuscuro technique, if you skip through the daily posts for this piece you’ll see where I’ve first outlined the shading for garments, then filled it in. if it helps you can draw it with a pencil first

      • Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚
        I had a look through all your posts and I can now see how you’ve done the individual steps ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This is such a beautiful piece, I love the depth of color and richness. It really brings this panel to life. Very creative and wonderful!

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