a little skirt

Back in November when we visited OXford for the day I bought a cashmere scarf

 To be honest though I don’t really need another scarf, even one with pretty tamboured roses on – I bought this one to re use.

I’d been wanting a new skirt to wear for Christmas day, but since I don’t have much time for clothes shopping and peruvian connection didn’t have anything I fancied, I got this instead.


 I did consider shaping it into a pencil skirt, but in the end I couldn’t be bothered. Instead I cut the fringe off the bottom and just carefully lined up the embroidery (pins! eek! Don’t normally use them!) added a plain linen lining, a zip, and made a black linen waistband with a bit of fold-a-band inside.


 Half an hour later, little skirt (i like short). Thus my hatred of shopping for clothes is appeased, as is my love of all yummy fibres.

However, I do have a big chunk of soft black cashmere sprigged with little flowers leftover, so if anyone has an idea what I can do with it, or lives in the uk and would like it, speak up


~ by opusanglicanum on January 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “a little skirt”

  1. Depends on what size and shape the fabric is. How about a pillow covering?

  2. Looks great! A creative way to forego shopping.

  3. How about a soft handbag? (Not to wear with the skirt..!)

    • I had considered a handbag, but i think if I make anymore handbags am going to have to go the etsy route with them – I never use what I;ve got.

      still, i suppose I could spend any profits on more cloth, which would lead to more handbags, which would lead to more etsy, then I could spend the profits on more cloth, which would lead to…

  4. Make a black jacket and trim it with the flowers (lapels and sleeves if you have enough) . You could wear the jacket with the skirt or separately, or sell to someone else. Looks very pretty!

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