Antependium panel 3

 I am so glad to have finally finished this panel!

I had it almost done at the end of December, but then I had to force myself to leave it so I could get on with Christmas stuff, and the frame is far to big to have up over Christmas with guests around. It was indescribably frustrating to have to leave this in limbo – I feel that if I properly finish a panel I have achieved something. I think quilters would relate to it as finishing a block rather than the whole quilt.

I swear I took a picture of this before the detailing lines went in, but in the huge amount of intervening time I’ve lost it somewhere. I think next time I’ll just post it straight away rather than waiting to finish.

The next roll of the frame isn’t going to be terribly exciting, I’m afraid, as it will consist entirely of the green fill panels. I’m thinking of posting week by week progress as a self-motivational exercise though, as I want to crack through them by the end of February.

I say this is panel three, by the way, because its the third I’ve done, but as I’m working from the bottom it’s actually the ninth and last panel in the narrative sequence, which is, I believe, the flight into eygpt.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “Antependium panel 3”

  1. It certainly looks like the flight into Egypt to me! Great progress – and isn’t it wonderful to be back on track after the Christmas hiatus!

    • well, it does aprt from the bit where the donkey, an animal which the artist must have seen on an almost daily basis, looks like a donkey drawn by someone who had never seen a donkey listening to a description by a blind man

  2. Hmmm…for some reason WordPress will not allow me to follow your blog by email. I’ve tried twice. Any ideas?

    • none whatsoever. someone else had the same problme a few weeks ago though, and I think it was ok when she tried again a day or two later. sometimes its just a temporary glitch

      I have the same problem with blogger, I tried to leave a comment on someone’s blog three times yesterday and it wouldn’t have it

  3. It’s gorgeous – I wish I had the talent, skill and application…

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