I’m one of those sad individuals who needs a blanky when they snuggle down on the sofa. Even if the fires on I still need my blanky.

I usually end up having to make my own though, as the ones available in the shops are all made from revolting man made fibres that make me shudder to touch them – either that or are so expensive that even my well practiced convoluted girl logic can’t justify the expense.

 Anyway, at last November’s re-enactor’s market I bought a metre and a half of yummy black and silver silk brocade. It’s far too modern for any costume I’d make, so I intended it as an edging for a new blanky.

The middle ended up being the same deep red wool I used for my christmas coat.

I had to measure very carefully – there was some complicated maths went into working out just how wide the silk strips could be on a metre and half square. Turned out they weren’t quite as deep as I would have liked.

The process, by the way, is quick and simple, as its just an oversized version of bias binding, except done on the straight grain of the silk. I machined the inner edge into place and handsewed the second seam as machining would have looked intrusive.

This plainer version will probably end up being used more if Gareth has his way. He likes minimalism, and my old blanky was deliberately made to annoy him

I made this older one by using up the contents of my scrap silk box, and it has several bits left over from my silk boots and various costumes. Gareth hates it because it’s multi coloured and doesn’t fit with his taste for bland interiors.

I like new blanky, but if I’m perfectly honest, I prefer the old one – it’s more me!

~ by opusanglicanum on January 21, 2012.

8 Responses to “Blankie!”

  1. Sorry, I love the new one. The colours are lovely. I’m no minimalist, though. My place is Victorian in style and your new blanket would fit in wonderfully. However, I am of ‘an age’ that rarely requires external warming!

    • black and red are always nice. I dont dislike the new one – I’m just very very fond of the old, its been on many an adventure with me – it even got posted back to me once when i left it in a hotel room

  2. Another vote for old blanky. I like that it’s made of scraps from various costumes and boots — all good memories. And pretty colors.

  3. I like the new one – sorry!

    • no need to be sorry – I like the new one too, i think i just like the old one better

      branston loves the new one, I think possibly because it really shows when he sheds on it, whereas the old one is almost branny coloured

  4. I love your first two paragraphs! I’m a blankie-girl too!

    I do love the black/silver trim and red 🙂 You just need to get some ‘wear’ and ‘love’ into it, and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as your old blankie.

    (I had a transportable blankie at one stage – an over-large purple cardigan/coat made of this kind of fuzzy wool, that I wouldn’t have been seen dead in outside, but really really soft. Available for wearing for trips to the kitchen, or to curl up under, at any time. Unfortunately he died of old age, and went all blue with white bits instead of purple. This was in my early – mid 30s)

    • I haven’t had the chance to give it any wear – I can’t get the cats off the bleedin thing!

      my nana used to make me knitted blankies from squares – they were great cos they always developed strategic holes you could stick your arms through

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