Button coat baby steps

So, I had intended to spend the week working on Gareth’s birthday presie, but I got sidetracked a little (finished his presie two hours ago though). I decided that since the coat was to have glass, plastic, leather, wood, pottery and shell buttons, then it ought to have an embroidered one too.

The large size self cover buttons come in packs of three though, so I ended up with three, as I was really getting into it – it makes a nice change to do a project you can complete in an evening.

 I decided to stick to my initials so I could sign the coat, and to use up odds and ends of silk that were lying around.

This one, then, is some random green floss(of which I have about twenty grams – a veritable lifetime’s supply) in laid and couched work. I was worried that the side of the buttons would show the fabric a little so I used black linen, which meant I had to do the laidwork twice to ensure coverage. The blue split and stem stitches are a random bit of kreinik I had lying around.

It’s quite scary how scruffy something so small can look when you blow it up, isn’t it – please bear in mind that these are only about an inch across!

  B, for my surname, more green and red and blue kreinik, split, stem and french knots on a piece of linen taken from an old summer dress. Although I had decided to do the buttons using medieval embroidery techiniques I am easily distracted by french knots cos they’re so much fun to do (not that I’m very good at them mind you)

It must be the difference in design, but put side by side the b button looks far smaller than the t.

I’m going to use these two at the top of the two rows of buttons that will go down the back skirts of the coat. The third button, which I haven’t started yet cos I was doing Gareth’s presie, will be another t in or nue, and that will be one of the front fasteners.

 And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go hide my tiny creations from teh kitten of ultimate ebil before he decides to investigate them for concealed catnip…

~ by opusanglicanum on February 10, 2012.

10 Responses to “Button coat baby steps”

  1. heh, debil kitteh. Even in close up those are lovely buttons. Love silk

    • I think gareth’s photo caught his true essence. kitens are just a very thin layer of cute over concentrated liquid evil – they need the cute otherwise we’d murder them, with it they get away with murder = specially branston

  2. They are just lovely!

  3. I noticed your comment about 20 grams of silk, and giggled, because I just got my hands on a 1/16th Oz (1.5g) skein of fine silk from the 1910-20s, and I’m still surprised how much there is.

  4. What a great way of signing your coat! I agree it can be disheartening looking at macro shots of your work, but I really don’t think you need to worry – it looks great!

    • gareth always insists that no one notices my faults as much as I do and that it desn’t really matter, but i try to explain to him that comparing my work to that of others means nothing, I only compare to what I know I can do, and I irritate myself when i feel i’ve been lazy.

      I quite like the big green t tho

  5. These embroidered buttons are very inspiring! The single initial alone makes quite a lovely vignette, and thanks for giving us a closeup of your very fine work in silk!

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