birthday cushion

This last week I haven’t done any work on the antependium because I was busy making Gareth a birthday present.

 This one hasn’t photographed too well, as there’s a lot of subtle shading in ecru and pale peach that seems to have disappeared on camera.

I have to admit that I’m never quite at home with doing these very modern, botanically inspired designs, and I can never quite work out why. I treat them in a very impressionistic fashion, making a conscious effort not to be too precise in placing the stitches, because in general plants are not that precise – and perhaps that why I’m uneasy with them?

They’re his favourites though, he likes them even better than his four doctor who cushions. He has two others made on previous birthdays – nepenthes raffelsiana and bird of paradise, both of which, like the angel’s trumpets, he grows. (In fact the bird of paradise he grew from seed as a teenager produced its first flower of the year this morning)


Gareth had the very first wool applique cushion that inspired

, so it’s only right that he gets a new one each birthday, although now he has so many he has to rotate them. Sooner or later though, I’m going to have to tackle his other botanical obsession, palm trees, I’m putting that off for as long as I can!

We had a day out in York for his birthday yesterday, and I sneaked into Duttons and found a few interesting things

 Most of the ones I liked this time were around the pound mark, so I could afford to buy a few more than I usually do, since I limit myself by how much money I can spend rather than how many buttons – going by the number of buttons could be risky as some of thiers are around the ten quid each mark and they tend to be the ones I’m drawn too. The only expensive one this time was the sparkly union flag, which I was pleased to get as I’d wanted one in the Harrogate store on Christmas eve, but they’d run out and the sample was damaged – York had also sold out but sold me thier sample.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 12, 2012.

8 Responses to “birthday cushion”

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, as are the other botanical themed pillows! Great job!

    My bird of paradise from a seed is blooming right now, too, although it’s been doing it for a couple of weeks now. Gotta love something that blooms so spectacularly when it’s snowing outside the window it’s sitting it!

    • Gareth’s BOP is almost thirty now, it takes two people to shift the thing outside for summer. Not that it liked last summer very much – too cold and damp by far – it had seventeen blooms last year but looks like its only set half a dozen this time.

  2. How many buttons do you think you’ll need? Maybe you could ask readers to send you one. I would. What size are you looking for? Colour? Shape?

  3. The cushion is gorgeous – well done!

  4. There’s some lovely stitching on that cushion.

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