more buttoncoat

There would have been considerably more progress today had it not been for a temporary suspension of the laws of physics.

You see, I’ve been using iron on interfacing stuff for the back of the buttonhole panels – if I was making something authentic I’d use stiff linen, but modern stuff avoids a lot of loose threads and this doesn’t have to be authentic. First I made the little wings for the shoulders, ready to buttonhole them, then I turned to the back vents of the coat, thinking it would be much much easier to put the buttonholes in them at this stage rather than trying to manhandle the whole coat.

Same Iron, same temperature, interfacing from the same piece, ironing onto the same type of fabric – but five times I tried it and it simply wouldn’t work.

Then, when I was really starting to get rather grumpy about the whole business, it just randomly stuck.

I swear the laws of physics just took a teabreak to mess with my head.

Despite the intervention of pernicious fate, however, I did get the rest of th buttons on the first sleeve.

 And I also got the back of the coat sewn together. I was in two minds about putting a vent in the back panels, but then I realised more vent = more swishy, and more swishy can only be good. Less is not more when it comes to the swishyness of coats.

I also got one row of the buttonholes done and started the next. I haven’t gone quite all the way to the bottom, as I decided it needed a few inches of clearance for aethetic…thing.

Am doing the buttonholes in one of the thicker DeVere silks, which has the very glamorous name of “algae” – sounds yummy, doesn’t it.


My little helper sat next to me all day. We kept having arguments over custody of the scalpel I was using to slice the holes.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “more buttoncoat”

  1. Iron-on is always temperamental. I’m glad it seems to have worked in the end!

  2. Swishy = good (agreed)

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