I finished the first of the four cornered filler panels on the antependium. These are proving to take forever as they’re so complicated to do.

Oh, and then I knocked the frame over and broke one of the pivoty wotsits that hinges into the legs. It was a weak point, to be honest, as it had been repaired once before. Am not sure if Gareth will have time to repair it this weekend, I might have to cannibalise my other, identical frame.


~ by opusanglicanum on March 10, 2012.

6 Responses to “antependium”

  1. What is an antependium, something hanging in front of something? I looked at your gallery of work – I loved your outfit and particularly the huge prop-up frame with the clay weights, never mind the beautiful weaving! Very interesting indeed.

    • an antependium is latin name for an alter frontal (am not in the least bit religios, btw, but I like medieval art)

      not sure which outfit You saw but the frame is a warp wieghted loom, main weaving loom of the ancient world, which continued in use in scandinavia up to the early c20th. Over easter I’m warping up a brand new one for my local museum

  2. Vocal responses :
    “Oooo! Lovely!
    oooooo! Crap!”

    Reading comment above – oh, is that what an antependium is!

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