BAck from the Market

Busy busy weekend at TORM (that’s The Original Reenactor’s Market). I bought a lot of very very boring stuff, the kind of things that basically amount to a costumiers groceries – wools and linens for making outfits, linen sewing threads, dress rings, wooden thread reels, pins etc. I also bought

 That silk brocade is even yummier in real life. I’m told it’s meant to retail for about £250 a metre, but obviously I didn’t pay that. It’s going to be a forepart and undersleeves for a new posh tudor frock to wear in schools, which I plan to make over easter. The over gown will also be brocade but darker – I’m making that from the silk curtains that once hung in my living room, which I took down because a certain furry person who shall remain nameless keeps climbing them.

The ecclesiastical embroidery book was picked up for a few pounds in a charity shop in Oxford. It’s got a good chapter on medieval stuff and then loads of useful info on various liturgical bits and bobs – what they’re used for and how to construct them properly – which out to come in handy when I get to finishing the antependium.

The book on c18th embroidery(which came out fuzzy cos its so shiny) was my treat for the weekend.  I don’t do c18th embroidery, and I dont need it, but I wanted it and it pretty.

 I also got these, which I’ve been waiting nearly a year for. Handmade embroidery scissors from Andy Kirkham (I would give you a link but he doesn’t appear to have his own website).

They aren’t covered in cobwebs, btw, they’re just so shiny they’re almost impossible to photograph.

And, because Andy made them, and he has an erm…slight obsession with extremely pointy things (he normally makes the very best small weapons, knives and tools) they are so sharp you could almost cut yourself looking at them. They need a case. I have already decided that my first silk velvet project will be a case and tassel for them, I just need to get john to make a leather foundation for it first.

These are going to live with my living history stuff and not be for day to day use, party cos I don’t want to loose them down the back of the sofa.

Gareth had a right grump at me when he found out I’d spent £45 on scissors. It was the same sort of grump he has when I spend money on art. He seems to think that if you create things yourself you shouldn’t care about what others do, and can’t understand why I want beautiful things others have made, which is a bit rich considering how excited he gets about the beautiful handmade bronze garden tools I buy him for his birthday each year. For all that I make elaborate, detailed things myself I’ve always loved that sort of Zen beauty of a simple thing well made.

I like my new scissors

Oh, and I really should get round to loading the little video I made of Branny in the bath with a ping pong ball. It was wedged inbetween two embroidery photos on my phone and several people found it when browsing my photos and were quite amused by it. My cat is an idiot


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6 Responses to “BAck from the Market”

  1. Oh, I’ve gone entirely green! Those scissors! Too precious to use LOL. Like Japanese needles. Oh, go on, use them. Attach a long ribbon and tassel on them so they are harder to loose. My embroider and goldwork scissors are attached together with my blue rubber “thread puller” as a sort of chatelaine and I never loose them although my embroidery spot is on the couch. I do sit on them a lot tho – ouch!
    What is the ecclesiastical book? Can’t see it’s title/author at all.
    I don’t do/intend to do 18thc work either, but also bought that 18thc book for the pretties.. Such very nice pretties (tommy comtributed the extra full stop there with a head nudge)
    And the brocade!
    That must have been one heck of a market! All great stuff!
    Did you sell much velvet?

    • oh, they will get used, but am saving them for use at events. If I use them at home as well I’ll end up forgetting to taek them with me when I need them, so I’ve always kept two spearate boxes for home adn events. am waiting for a new carved coffer for shows from another craftswoman, but I have no clue how long she’ll take about it, she isn’t the fastest.

      the book is embroidery for religion and ceremonial by beryl dean, batsford, 1981. am finding it very intersting, although I have to admit I think a lot of the modern ecclesiatical work is just hideous. I did love her silver jubilee cope tho, with all the churches of london on it.

      the brocade is just delicious, its so thick it barely folds. although I admit its going to look quite busy once its next to another brocade, but thats ok!

  2. Those scissors do rather look as though they could break the speed limit, don’t they!

  3. Andy Kirkham needs a website, ‘cos that stuff is too cool to not be seen. I agree that a simple thing well made is a thing of beauty – your embroidery, Andy’s sharps, Gareth’s bronze tools are all art. Branny vid sounds cute – post, please!

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