scissor case

So, the scissors andy made me are pretty scary – even closed the tip is deadly. They badly needed a case. And I needed a little weekend project as a break from the antependium, especially since, if you will kindly excuse the chavspeak, the filler panels are doing my head in a bit.

In addition to which I had some new silk I wanted to play with, and the urge to have a play with at least a smidgen of the silk velvet was almost overwhelming.

 First though, I had to wait a week whilst John made me a leather carcass for the scissor case. John has past experience of Andy’s sharp things, as many of his leatherworking tools were also made by Andy, so he was wary enough of the pointy to use his thickest sole leather for the case so that the tip of the scissors would have a harder time piercing the end of the case.

 I spent the week debating how to decorate the case. Dragons were one option, baby eating cannibals (from the chancel arch of a local norman church) were another. John suggested a Yorkshire rose, since we live in the old north riding – but the trouble is I’m not really a Yorkshire lass, for all my current abode, so I decided to go heraldic and do a simple laid and couched version of the arms of the city of Durham – the town where I was born, and in whose county I grew up. This was the first time I’ve done embroidered slips in donkey’s years, hence they may no be entirely straight – velvets hard as it moves under your needle. Laid and couched work heraldry was just nicely undemanding for a Sunday afternoon fun project though.

 And the arms for my family name on the reverse (although I think techinically they should bear a bar, since we’re descended from the titled branch of the family on the wrong side of the sheets, but its not exactly casual illegitamacy as the relationship extended to several children). The velvet, being quite thick, was quite difficult to manipulate around such an awkward shape, and I would have liked the top strand of gold to be a little straighter, but in that case I had to couch through the holes JOhn had drilled in the leather.

The pink tassel was really the lesser of available evils, being the silk that clashed least with the red. I’m hoping the colour will have a similar protective effect on these scissors as my pink polka dot dressmaking scissors, i.e. they look sooo girly that no man will even think about borrowing them.

I still have a few pieces of the silk velvet available if anyone else fancies a bit to play with.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 26, 2012.

14 Responses to “scissor case”

  1. Beautiful work! Which titled branch are you descended from?

    baby eating cannibals (from the chancel arch of a local norman church)
    Okay, you have me intrigued. Photos, please!

    • oh, my granda had a long story about that!

      alas, I have no photos, only some excellent drawings from a parish council publication, and I think thats probaly copyright

  2. It’s lovely! It’s also quite nice to have something that’s both a fun project and a truly useful item. I like that you used your heraldry, though I am also intrigued by the baby eating cannibals. I’ve seen a few in Italy (in churches that feature the overdramatic fire and brimstone contemplation on one end of the church) but I haven’t in a British context. There must be something they can be used on!

    • you do get them in britich early churches, even the sheel na gigs and the like. I really want to turn the chancel arch of adel church into an embroidered collar for a norman frock some day

  3. “baby eating cannibals” I’d love to see that! Especially since it’s in a church!

    The embroidery is lovely, I love the heraldry.


    • therea a whole archway of wierd grotesques in adel church, they’re great

      • I’ll definitely have to look into it when I save up enough money to traipse around Europe for a summer! Oh the funny things you find in church artwork!


      • well, the big cathedrals are wonderful, of course, but the can be very crowded and touristy. some of the small parish chuurches, specially in places like london and york have equally intersting things in smaller quantities, and even things the big boys dont have – for instance at jarrow church you can see the oldest stained glass in england

  4. That must be some baby! Great scissor case. I’m single so didn’t think my scissors were in danger but apparently absentmindedly snipping paper with my best snips is something my son-in-law likes to do! He also gets at my daughter’s scissors too, but as she used to steal mine, I think that’s just payback.

  5. That’s really pretty.

  6. Working on velvet can be a real trial, can’t it – but worthwhile in the end – it looks great!

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