Antependium – some progress at last!

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have finally finished this row of filler panels. Not only are they tedious but they’re fiddly too. I got my second wind with them last friday when I got to the last section and the end – the end of this section at least = finally seemed to be in sight.

Am really looking forward to when John pops over this evening to help roll on the frame (it’s just too wide for one person to comfortably manage alone) so I can get on with a picture at last!

Last week I was looking at one of the other Icelandic antependia contemporary to this one – the Life of St Martin – and although stylistically similar the execution is far more simple. It had no double or triple lines at all, I voiced a slight regret that I hadn’t chosen that one instead, but Gareth thinks the extra work on this one is worth it – that’s because he doesn’t have to do it.



~ by opusanglicanum on April 3, 2012.

10 Responses to “Antependium – some progress at last!”

  1. I suspect we’ll agree with Gareth. Although simplicity has much to recommend it, sometimes all the extra colour and detail make a huge difference to the finished effect!

  2. This is just gorgeous. I love how you’ve covered completed work with basted linen.

  3. Just teach Branston to do a few lines!
    Yay doing a piccie! That should be fun 🙂

  4. How big is this thing again? Do you have to crawl under it to tie little knots?

  5. Love to see how the frame is set up 🙂

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