If your sense of good taste is easily offended…

…you’d best look away now.

Go on, move along there, nothing to see here.

For those brave few still present, I’ve been making a new outfit for storytelling. You see, not all of my storytelling work is done in historical costume, sometimes museums just want a storyteller. The problem with this is, that if you sit in a gallery in ordinary clothes and start telling people stories, they edge away, regarding you with that look of mixed suspicion and pity reserved for the mentally deficiant and possibly inclined to axe murdering ways. Therefore you have to wear something that marks you as being out of the ordinary

It amuses me that if I am not to be considered slightly mental when in my proffesional capacity, I have to dress like I’m slightly mental, if you get my drift?

My old storytelling getup was rather tasteful, cobbled together from things I’d bought for myself over the years – a beautiful hand embroidered blouse bought from a romanian folk dancer and a lovely embroidered Indian skirt teamed with a simple blakc underbust corset to give it some much needed shape. However, these things were getting damaged in use, and I value them for thier beauty, so I decided to make something specific.

I was inspired by the matching polka dots and stripes I found at Boyes – and they were only £2 a metre, and the blouse is linen, for comfort.

I have to admit I’m rather pleased with it. Pinks not normally my thing at all, but I think this is quite fit for purpose.

and foofy, very very foofy

thankyou for your attention, you may now go and bleach your eyeballs




~ by opusanglicanum on April 4, 2012.

12 Responses to “If your sense of good taste is easily offended…”

  1. It’s beautiful! What a bright and cheerful skirt.

  2. I actually kind of like it…. In the strange I-have-not-a-single-good-taste-bone-in-my-body kind of way.


  3. LOL. It’s your audience that’ll need their eyeballs bleaching! I hope you are teaming it with a simple black top, at least – or you may need to warn the epileptics!

  4. I stumbled upon this through LJ dressdiaries, (where I’m known as zcat_abroad). I just had to say that, though I am not a fan of pink, this is a fantastic outfit for a story-teller! (And what a fabulous job!)

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