August – Labours of the months

 Its not every day I show you a man in his underpants – it must be your lucky day!

This panel, threshing for August, should have been finished about six weeks ago, But unfortunately I ran out of the mid-blue for the border and had to wait for more to be ordered – and am not 100% certain I matched the shade correctly, if I’m honest.

poor things been in the wars a bit. I had leaky tupperware problems, and this was soaked in homemade soup twice in one week because I’d stashed it in my lunch bag. Oops

That thing that looks like a hovering alien is meant to be the moon. At least I think its meant to be the moon, either that or the medieval source I’m using is concrete evidence of early alien abduction and theres a missing panel somewhere that shows the subsequent anal probing…

…anyway, while I was waiting for the blue to arrive I made lots of progress on September, which I promise had no alien shennaginans whatsoever, unless mr September is harvesting grapes to make extra strong wine to block out what happened that terrible night in AUgust.

I never really plan the colours for these, cos I tend to just use whatevers handy, but I think this random choice of colours came out looking quite Augusty, sort of hot and bleached.

split stitch. appletons crewel wool on manx tweed

~ by opusanglicanum on April 6, 2012.

9 Responses to “August – Labours of the months”

  1. Lovely. I wouldn’t worry about exact matching. It’s not like they had reliable dye lots then either. Very period in my mind.

  2. I just LOVELOVE the wheat. So pretty. random choice of colors, all that, very period to me.

  3. Beautiful work!

  4. Lovely – perhaps he’s wearing breeks, rather than underwear?

  5. I *love* the interior design in the wheat, and the drapery in his pants. But doesn’t he have an extraordinarily large crotch?? !

    You are using Appletons! I’ve read that although the colour range is great, you can get finer wools. I would have thought you’d use a posher one. Or have I got an unnecessarily unfair downer on Appletons – read the wrong reviews?

    • they do a tapestry and a crewel, its the crewel I’m using, and yes, i think you’ve been reading the wrong reviews – I’ve used it for years and think its lovely. Apart from which it easliy available, which is handy cos carrying it around in my bag I tend to loose bits

      Its not his crotch as such but a style of medieval undies called braies, which are quite voluminous in that area

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