not doing what I’m supposed to

So really, this weekend I should have cracked on with my new tudor frock for work, except…

…I was in and out helping Gareth run errands so I couldn’t really settle to it, and I really wanted to catch up on some TV, which kind or precludes using the sewing machine. In my defence its not like I watch soap operas or anything, I was watching BBC4 documentaries – The history of Metal, and Bettany HUghes’ Divine women, amongst others, and I really enjoyed them.

Therefore rather than thinking and solving the problems with my Tudor frock I wanted something relatively brainless and repetetive, so I made a start doing the goldwork for the thing I was doing over Christmas and new year.

I decided just to do underside couching without a brick pattern for this one, although when I do the reverse side next Christmas I may fill that with brick background. I’m not sure yet, I kind of like the gaudy sparkle of simple underside couching.

there are a couple of wobbly bits on the first two rows (I hadn’t done this stitch for a few years) but then the sides tend to wobble a bit once they’re ebtn round the side of the purse, so I doubt it will matter too much in the end.

You can see in the second photo how big the reel of thread is – its sitting in the palm of my hand and wieghs about a pound. No matter how big the reel is though, I don’t like wastage so I prefer to use it straights off the reel. I made myself another little hanging bag like the one I’m using on the or nue piece to hang from the frame, which worked very well.

Sorry about the unedited image – when I cropped and rotated it all I ended up with was one of those annoying white boxes with a red cross in it.

 the thread is vintage, by the way, so have pretty much no idea of the brand or specification for those of you interested in the nerdy details, other than the fact its real metal on a cotton core.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 23, 2012.

28 Responses to “not doing what I’m supposed to”

  1. What a big reel of thread you have, little girl……(it’s Elmsley Rose – my facebook is being weird)

    • all the better to shinify you with

      (has that red cloak of yours gone to your head then?)

      • LOL! Shinify is definitely a word!
        I’m planning to wear my big red cloak in the 2 trips out in the next 2 days, as it happens. It’s only going to be 15 degrees – *freezing*

      • freezing here too, I kind of object to putting the heating on in May, but I’m in all day and I’m coming down with a cold, so its on

      • Vitamin C! Zinc! (see other comment). Hot lemon, honey and freshly ground pepper! (do you know that one?). Weird, but the Indians (I think it is) use milk, lemon and pepper…..a curdled hot drink, for the same effect.

      • have certainly had plenty of vitmin c

      • Even at 11 degrees, a nipple ring will start to ache within a breast – this I have re-experienced today. It’s so … internal. And it is metal. I need a boob warmer! (just got in after standing in the rain on the street waiting for a taxi for ages)

  2. Her dress fabric is beautifully done with all the shading! But why is she frowning at him? The goldwork is fab, too.

  3. Tedious looking at the image on an iPad which moves it round as you try to turn it round to look at it. It looks really beautiful, though,

  4. Even if you’re not doing what you think you should, you are making progress with something!

  5. I really like this piece – your design? While I admire the technicality of opus, I have never cared for the patterns. I love the richness of yours – the flowing fabrics on their clothing and the faces are great.

    • its based on a german manuscript painting, but I changed the hair colours t look like me and gareth, added two idiot cats, and then also changed the roses from red to genetic mutant rose colour to please gareth, who is both a gardener and genetic engineer(the imposssibility amused him). its more normal for this techinque to be used on religious stuff, but there are secular examples, specially purses

      • You should stick the above in a blog entry somewhere. 🙂 I’m going to put my cats on my stumwork casket for the TT Casket course. Generic cats, coz I’m worried that if I do T & J in particular, I’ll be sad after they…go, because the casket is such a major piece and will involve years of work. And lots of flowers and bugs! (very traditional). And me, in a flowing maroon dress.

      • its in the original entries. I would do specific cats, cos its nice to be able to remember them when they’re gone

        I have a whole book of pickle that gareth had self published for me after she died, and painting and photos of my other cats around the house

      • To be reminded of the details like this is a good thing for dumbnuts like me 🙂

      • yes, but reminding the other dumbnuts would involve this dumbnuts having to remember them in the first place!

      • *grin*
        I meant ‘dumbnuts” in a Eucalyptus sort of way, btw, not a boy sort of way. Boy sort of way – urgh, would want to be them! We have a childrens’ book here called the “Gumnut Babies” (May Gibbs) written early 20thC that every Aussie kid knows. Little babes in gumnut shells with blossoms around them.

      • boys are gross. any sensible woman probably becomes a lesbian.

        gareth always says he’s grateful I’ve got no sense whatsoever

      • I can entirely understand why a lesbian would happy being a lesbian. But I just don’t seem to be….currently trying not to strangle my best friend (male) b/c he’s had a cold for months now and won’t take Vit C/zinc to boost his immune system and kill it off. He’s just spent 3 days with a tissue permanently attached to his nose, silly man.

      • men are hopeless about the doctor. I had to diagnose my ex with his hernia and make him go the doctor (he ended up having an op) and gareth knows quite well that the men in his family tend to die young from high blood pressure related problems, but I can’t get him to the doctors for a check up(not for want of nagging) he thinks he knows everything cos he has a phd (it doesn’t help that he used to teach medical doctors in the genetics part of thier degree and decided they were all idiots).

        with most of them a leg could fall off and they still wouldn’t go

  6. Sorry for the post. =/
    You’re totally right.
    Congratulations for your work.
    My intention was not bad. I have deleted the post and want more research before writing again. I put the link of your site and talked about it, but I really forgot to put the name.
    I love your work and Opus Anglicanum.
    I want study more about this and maybe learn to do things like you do.
    Sorry again..I hope you do not get mad at me =x

    • thank you for acting responsibly. I’m intending do do more tutorials next year when i get some work stuff out of the way, so maybe you can join in

  7. I love this piece! It is so so so pretty! You have done such a good job!

    I intend to try couching with gold thread one day. The last time I tried embroidering with gold thread I didn’t know about couching and used the thread like normal embroidery thread and got very frustrated when the gold peeled off!

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