Antependium panel four – now with added twiddly bits!

 Rekjahlid antependium, panel four, with all the fiddly twiddly little lines and details added – they make a big difference, don’t they?

The laid and couched background stitch really is quite quick to fill in the ground, but it seems to be the details that are taking the real time with this piece.

Sorry the pic isn’t the greatest, I was having trouble holding it still because the frame broke again – same place as last time, the glue gave way on the repair, so I shall have to get Gareth to look at it again this weekend. Sigh – he may have to be buttered up a bit cos he’s going to have to pay actual money to get into Harrogate garden festival this weekend – my friend Si normally gives us his spare exhibitor passes but he missed the deadline to book so isn’t there this time.

And is it just me or has wordpress reader gone all doolally today?


~ by opusanglicanum on April 26, 2012.

12 Responses to “Antependium panel four – now with added twiddly bits!”

  1. This is beautiful. Looked at some of the older posts, and I’m amazed at the scope of this project. (And impressed that you dyed your own wool!)

  2. So neat. Looks beautiful. Am laughing at the thought of disgusting wool soup!!

  3. You do such beautiful work. And you do it the way it was done all those ages ago; how do you find the time???

  4. What on earth is the long stripey cream/green thing the guy is holding?

    • am not entirely sure, and since I’ve been an athiest since the age of five its surprising really I can even look at this and recognise that its meant to be the annunciation. I’ve narrowed it down to either a) a letter from god B) gods turkey baster full o’lurve juice, or C) results of an early scan that says “congratulations, its a messiah”

  5. Looking good – and the details really do make a difference, don’t they!

  6. It is seriously cool! Embroidery always elicits a loving sigh from me!

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