centennial bloggiversary thingy.

I seem to have been working too hard. I started this blog telling myself that I would post once a week, yet here I am, fast approaching the first anniversary of said blog, and making my hundredth post already. So, unless someone sneaked an extra fifty weeks or or into the year(and oh, that would be lovely if I could have fifty weeks of irresponsible mucking about/sewing) I must have been posting about twice a week.

Although I am usually far too absorbed in my own happy little world, watching the pixies and flutterbies dancing round inside my head, to pick up on social observances, it has actually sunk into the dense pit that is my brain that folks in these parts like to commemorate these things with giveaways and such.

So I decided to try to fit in with the cool kids and do a giveaway. The cool kids will probably sneer and whisper that I’m wearing the wrong shoes, but I’m too busy dancing to the little mariachi band in my head to notice (come to think of it, that might be why they think I’m weird)

Anyone who comments between now and the actual bloggiversary (Bloggiversary is now officially a word, so there, nyah, nyah, nyah, mr spellcheck) will get their name put into an ACTUAL HAT (because I really love hats) and our official blogkitty, Branston, will choose the winners,

ย Branny says that he is flagrantly open to bribery in the following forms – prawns, raw fillet steak, and belly rubs from laydeez.*

There are two prizes

1 – a kit to make the embroidery shown in my little faces tutorial – linen with the pattern marked out, silk and gold threads, beeswax, needle – you can follow the tutorial online to complete.

A piece of purple silk pile velvet, approx A4 ish size.

Both are light, so I am happy to send them overseas.



*Anyone rubbing the branny belly does so at their own risk. The management accepts no responsibility for lost fingers, lacerations, excessive bloodloss or other attendant conditions


~ by opusanglicanum on May 4, 2012.

53 Responses to “centennial bloggiversary thingy.”

  1. Ooh, Ooh, pick me, pick me. Since Branston lives halfway across the world from me, would he consider it a bribe if I rubbed the bellies of the 2 closest cats?

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Awwww….. I’ll take my chances and rub teh belleh! (not sure why I’m risking that, since just this morning, my own fuzz butt Banshee, the sweetest tempered love cat in the world, shredded my hand when he decided he’d had enough belly rubbing for the moment)

  4. My friend sent me your tutorial on opus anglicanum faces just this week, it’s really great and I really like your blog. Congrats on nearing 100 posts and your one year bloggiversary!

  5. I’m going for a rogue entry, and will scratch Branston in that secret spot at the front of the ear, where cat paws can’t reach……hoping for the velvet!

  6. Oh, and btw – Mega-Congratulations!!!!
    (Ooops, taken all up by greed by the thoughts of opulence or WOT?)

  7. And whilst the others scritch the belly, let me volunteer to scritch the base of the skull. Not that I am a laydeez, but … ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Congratulations! I for one am very pleased that you’ve exceeded your planned quota, as I am loving the archive! (Just recently found your blog.) You have a beautiful kitty man, I’m happy to pick up a few lacerations in the course of belly rubbin’. Here’s to the next thousand posts! (Hey, no pressure, right? :-D)

  9. Love seeing all your projects. . . and your faces tutorial was my very favorite. My 3 cats have officially certified me to pet cats the world over, and I’d bet that Branny would even deign to allow a little tummy rub. Congrats on your anniversary!

  10. Can I bride the wonderful Branston via proxy? Unless someone is willing to ship me over seas? ๐Ÿ˜€ Congratulations, I love seeing all of the wonderful projects you create.

  11. Wow! I would love the embroidery kit! Congrats on managing such a beautiful blog.

  12. My Orion would be far too jealous if I were to bribe your kitty, so I’ll just have to enter with no bribes. I really enjoy your blog and am so glad you’ve managed “extra” posts.

  13. I only recently got a link to your blog and am enjoying reading all the entries.

  14. Congratulations ! this is the first givaway I am participating in (and I
    ve been blogging since 2005, but don’t tell that to cool kids) because this time I really want to !:)
    and I have three cats (they are not as fluffy as your Branny though)

  15. oh, cool. pick me, pick me, pick meeeee!!!

  16. Congratulations on reaching your Blogiversary – and especially for noticing that it was coming up. I usually find that important dates whizz past me and the first I notice is a week afterwards.

    I could point out to Branston the whereabouts of a large catnip plant, if he’s willing to travel…!

    • oooh, branny like a spot of nip!

      have you treid mixing dreid catnip with valerian (I use my sleepy tea bags) it gets them extra stoned. I do meeces with nip and valerian for all the nieghbouring kitties every christmas. I noticed the valerian thing when hobbes kept trying to steal my bedtime tea

      • Actually, there are no friendly neighbourhood cats around here, only a couple of very snooty ones that won’t come to say hello. Besides, there could be no cat as gentlemanly as Bonzo, the cat my husband owned when we first met…

      • we have very friendly kitty nieghbours. except that gareth got a bit of a nasty surprise when he wnet to do some bricklaying a few weeks ago, as he found that all the kitties for miles around had been using his builders sand as an alfresco latrine. he says bobby, the teenage burmese from two doors down, did something in there a few days ago that had his eyes watering outdoors from ten feet away (kittnes are notoiously stinky)

  17. oh my! A giveaway with fewer than 500 people in it! I wish I could do more than give Branston a cyber-rub…I thinks my own kitties are willing to share my affections, if not their treats. Now if I dont happen to win that piece of velvet – is there any more available for purchase?

    • I only have the one little bit of purple, but there’s plenty of dark red still available, if thats any use? Its ยฃ5 for an A4 piece, and ยฃ9.50 for A3, plus postage which is ยฃ3 to the states (sorry, but uk postal prices went up by 50% a few weeks back – we’re still whinging about it)

      • hmmm…I took the plunge and I’m doing the 17th century ‘cabinet of curiosites’ project with Tricia Nyguen, so I know that there is going to be lining involved…I’m wondering whether the velvet would be suitable or period correct for part of it. Perhaps in some of the drawers? Your prices are fine, but it would be a $plurge and I’m not sure how much I would need…in any event, hope I win!

      • wait and see then!

  18. I’m happy to (make the insane attempt to) rub the kitty’s belly – I’m sure the scratches will heal in time for me to do … any quilting or sewing or knitting I need to do. Right? Right?

    I’d love the embroidery kit, because I embroider and love historical embroidery (but haven’t been brave enough to try on my own). I’ve enjoyed reading your tutorials and the posts about clothing!


  19. After the fantastic gift you sent me it seems greedy to go for the prize too, but please put mein the hat!


  20. Id like to go in the hat if u ship to sweden! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Id like to go in the hat if u ship to sweden! ๐Ÿ˜€ Love your blog ^^

  22. Happy blogiversary! I like reading it very much and find it very useful and inspiring.
    I’ll dream about your great gift – a kit – going to Lithuania. And if it’ll find another home, I’ll gladly use your tutorial for my future project.

  23. I just found your blog and like it and your cat very much, cheer!

  24. Love your blog, and I would be very excited to work the kit! I’ve got a cat too, though yours is much larger.

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