Laborious stuff.

 I’m almost finished September, in fact I think I’m quite likely to finish it by the end of next week because I hvae full days at work every day, so I thought I’d best spend the weekend drafting October, just in case. I laid them all out on the bed this morning to decide which colour to use next and realised several important points.

1) This thing is going to end up being effing HUGE.

2) I’ve cocked up whichever way I arrange it. If I go 3×4 I have two sage green bits next to each other, but if I go 4×3 the blue and orange circles will go stripey. So I’ve decided that two sage green next to each other is the lesser of two evils, specially since the white filler panels will obviate that quite a bit I think. That big bit of folded white tweed to the side is earmarked for the filler panels and I think it will work very well. I haven’t decided exactly which filler panel I’m going to go with yet, but rest assured – if you think I’ve bitched about the filler on the antependium, I will bitch more about these because there will be more of them.

3) there is a slight size variation between panels. It’s nothing so drastic I can’t alleviate it by deft manipulation of filler panels and some braid (Am going to bore myself silly by doing some lengths of unpatterned 8 card tablet weave to cover all the joins between the panels. I must be a masochist), so am not too worried. It could be partly due to variance between the different wools used as ground, but it could also be due to me not using the same circular template each time because my memory is appaling. Therfore I’ve decided that when I start the female labours of the months I will sit down and cut 12 panels, marking each one with the basic circle to keep them as consistent as possible.

I’m not going to use that very bright red for December, btw, it was just handy, I’m going to use the same red as June.

I’m also not doing the female labours straight after this, I’m doing a smaller zodiac piece inbetween the two – so thats my handbag embroidery all planned for at least the next seven years.

~ by opusanglicanum on May 12, 2012.

16 Responses to “Laborious stuff.”

  1. I absolutely love this project! Your embroidery is just amazing, and its great how quickly it all comes together. Its not easy embroidering people and getting the depth you do with their features. Looking forward to October, November and December with this project. Its a big undertaking, it instantly said quilt to me for some reason. Though a wall hanging are really fun too. Either way you decide to put the panels together it will show off the needlework exquisitely.

    • is definately hanging, its just not quite big enough to be a quilt. beside which rbanny paddles the duvet something rotten, he’s already mangled a cotton duvet cover so I don’t think embroidery would survive!

      its cute that you think 4 years to far is quick

  2. It is a beautiful piece and will be lovely when it’s finished. So sometime in 2016?

    • I was thinking this time next year, actaully, since I’ve been averaging three panels a year. I did think longer when I started, but this oens actaully going faster than I anticipated

  3. How much braid do you need, and what materials, and does it really have to be unpatterned? Curious minds are … well … curious. 🙂

    • am going to do it in worsted, and definately plain cos theres enough going on already, and I think I’ll probably weave up two twenty foot lenghts just to be on the safe side (I can use any leftover on the zodiac or female labours) its not that bad really, if its that plain you dont need to think when weaving so I can set a book up on the bench underneath it and read as I go

      am going to do a double weave worsted border as well, with name, date etc worked in

  4. Golly, it is going to be a big piece when it’s finished – but I’m sure it will look fabulous!

  5. Wow, that’s gorgeous. I love the colors you used for the background pieces. Big or not, it’s going to be stunning all together.

    • its been on the go for a few years now (I carry it in my bag and do it at work, so it gets nibbled at everyday) its getting quite exciting now I can see the end of it

  6. Laborious, masochistic…but it’s going to be so lovely when it’s done! How are you going to do the outer edging?

  7. I wish I could crawl through the picture to see it all up close and personal like. I hope you post ridiculously detailed macro photos of all this wonderful work!

    • I generally post a pic of each month onc’e I finsh and wash it (they live in my lunch bag so they do get a bit grubby, august got soaked in homemade soup)

  8. Absolutely amazing. So beautiful.

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