antependium progress

 Panel five of the antependium, progress picture before all the twiddly fiddly bits go on.

I think this puts me officially halfway through this project, as there are nine panels in all, and I’m halfway through the halfway panel. EEK! I honestly didn’t think this thing was going to take so long!

Apologies also if I haven’t commented on people’s blogs this last week, but I can’t get the wordpress reader function to work at all. I’ve treid three different computers and two different browsers but nothing will let me look at updated blogs, its very frustrating. I really could kick myself for not implenting that backup google blog I meant to do. Am hoping wordpress fixes itself soon, and if it does I will copy all the blogs I follow to a backup blog. If not I have no idea what to do.


~ by opusanglicanum on May 19, 2012.

14 Responses to “antependium progress”

  1. Halfway! Congrats. I hope the way down the mountain is faster and smoother than the way up. It’s looking good.

    Have you tried other ways to follow your blogs? I use RSS feed and just have a folder on my browser for them. I don’t use a reader at all. When I open the folder, I scroll past each blog and there’s a different symbol if I haven’t read it yet.

    • the trouble is, I’m not very tech savvy, and I find trouble shooting all these problems too confusing by far, . I dont even know what an rss feed is. i am a bit stuck cos most of the blogs I follow are stored in wordpress, so if I can’t get into that I can’t copy my links to read them elsewhere, its just irritating

  2. Beautiful work, as always.

    If you go to your WordPress dashboard you can get to a list of your blogs by clicking on the “blogs I follow” tab on the left at the top. You can then access each blog by clicking on its name. Not so easy as the reader but you could at least copy the addresses to elsewhere then. I know some people also use Bloglovin to follow all their blogs as it allows blogs from places other than WordPress too. I haven’t explored it yet though. Hope that helps.

  3. Maybe I can help. Let me use my blog as an example. A little way down the page, on the right hand side, are two sections, one which says subscribe by email (I have subscribed to many blogs by email. I get an email when there’s a new post) and below that it says subscribe by RSS feed. If you click on that, it usually takes you to another page with a ‘subscribe’ button. When I click on that, it comes up in a little window that gives me the option to bookmark it (I use Firefox, Internet Explorer would have `favourites`). I add mine to a folder that I have on my toolbar (at the top of the browser window) but you could add it right into your favourites. When I want to look at them, I open the folder and scroll down.

    • gareth, who claims to know nothing about computers, somehow managed to sort it for me. so when i get an afternoon off this week I’m going to go and make a backup, so thanks for the advice

  4. Halfway Yay! (say it, it rhymes!)

  5. Always nice to hit a significant milestone! Lovely work.

  6. You’ve made good progress. It’s a pity computers always throw a spanner in the works!

  7. Thank you for commenting on my bullion tree. You have made my day as I am now a subscriber to your blog. Your work is wonderful and your sense of the ridiculous just fabulous. I will need a full week just to read through your comments.
    Thanks a million for the opportunity to see the beautiful stitching and have a giggle.

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