C17th textured braid

 For Jenny

Second attempt at the seventeenth century textured braid.

I’ve finally got the correct structure on the central pouffy bit, but as you can see it needs significantly butching up. Will try again tomorrow  and let you know. Progress though!

~ by opusanglicanum on May 22, 2012.

10 Responses to “C17th textured braid”

  1. Now that looks like something I could, conceivably, learn to do! How do you do it?

    • Its tablet weave, but instead of threading colours its all one colour and some of the holes are empty to create a texture. the problem I;ve been having is that the pattern I was given didn’t actaully work as intended, so am doing repeated samples until I get it right – that central pouffy bit is going to get pouffier tomorrow.

      tablet/card weave is easy if someone shows you, but impossible to explain

      • Easy to show, impossible to explain – I’d agree with that. I had a kit once, and the already-set-up braid was easy enough, but the explanations for warping the next one left something to be desired!

      • I know! I can do some ever so complicated things with tablet weave, but I even i can’t understand the beginners instructions on how to set it up

  2. That is gorgeous! What is the threading? how many cards? Do you have any other secrets you want blasted all over the internet? (I’d be happy with just the number of cards and which holes are not used. )

  3. Gotta learn how to do that sort of thing…for swetebag edging. (fingerloop braiding), What exactly is that braid, and what is it for?? It looks fantastic!

    • this is tablet weave, which is a bit more involved than fingerloop (needs actual equipment of sorts). there are some good youtube tutorials on fingerloop though (I’ve treid it and didn’t like it much – I found it hurt my fingers) this is a sample for a client, we’re agreed that its almost there but not quite

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