c17th tablet weave – the butched up version

I’ve used two different silks this time, a very lustrous one for the edge, and a softer, duller one for the floofy middle.

 the terminator. To my mind a little bit too thick in the middle. I think this would handle badly once its sewn onto a costume.



 Still butch, probably on steroids, but the closest to the original, I think.



 The metrosexual. nice sixpack but probably a bit too wimpy.

~ by opusanglicanum on May 23, 2012.

14 Responses to “c17th tablet weave – the butched up version”

  1. I like me a good metrosexual. It is my favourite of the three.

    • its does have a neater edge, but I astill think the butch is closest to the original band

      • Perhaps, but I haven’t seen the original. I just like the balance of that one – the ratio of border to middle. Each side seems equal in width and weight to the middle. Do you have a picture of the original or have I missed it in a past post?

      • NO, there wasn’t a pic of the original, am not usre about copyright of the ones I was sent so I didn;t post them. I like the look of the last better too, but thats not what its about in this instance

  2. That is really very gorgeous!

  3. The contrast between the two threads really helps to bring up the pattern. I think I like them all, but probably would use them for different purposes..

    • I’ve had an urge to make another c17th outfit all year ( I started out in english civil war reeanctmetn when I was 14) and I have to admit this project isn’t helping supress that urge

  4. They are gorgeous. So even. I like the final one best but on aesthetic rather than authenticity grounds.

    • I have to admit I prefer the last one for aesthetics, but thats not the object of the excercise. I;ll be intrigued to see what the final bands looks like dyed, although I’ll prbably only see them in photos

  5. I”m a fan of the butch, although the metrosexual is quite nice as well. I’m impressed at how lustrous all the braids look.

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