hmm…so, whats the daft cow up to now, I hear you asking (to be fair if you have any sense you probably ask that every time I post)

Well, its got stripey cotton and chintz, so far so tasteless

OMG! polka dots as well – she’s really lost it this time!

Oh well – at least more chintz cancels out some of the polka dots?

More polka dots – poor ld Lizzie will be sobbing into her tea!

Denim as well? wtf?

Oh no – pleasse don’t tell me she made more than one of those godawful tasteless excuses for patriotism?

Crikey! Please tell me she’s not actually going to wear that – not out in public?

Well, yes, I am actually – Its  well known fact that one’s sense of good taste declines rapidly with age, and I am, after all, forty two in a week or so, which is practically decrepit. Actually, I might wear it more than once, as I rather like it.

There wasn’t a pattern, I was making it up as I went along, although I’ve been thinking about it for months, but the whole thing only fell into place on Wednesday when I found denim in Boyes. It was originally going to be blue stripey all over, but that felt like a bit too much, even for me – denim never ocurred to me, as I haven’t even owned a pair of jeans in twenty years and pretty much despise their ubiquity. Am actually quite pleased with my own cleverness at the mo.

you may now go and vomit. Thank you for your attention.


~ by opusanglicanum on June 1, 2012.

25 Responses to “JUbilee!!”

  1. Lovely skirt. Although I would never call you a daft old cow, I do take umbrage at your 42 being decrepit, being 49 myself.

  2. Yes, clearly you are not decrepit!

    Dare we ask though what will be in the rest of the ensemble?

    • a simple white blouse – there was going to be a splendid pair of irregular choice union flag heels, but I forgot to bring them to gareths, am a bit annoyed with myself

  3. Since it’s not instantly obvious that the pattern is the Union Jack, I suspect there is a very large number of USA girls who would totally wear that if they are into country music or rodeo riding. (I do love how you made those flag inserts, btw)

    And please don’t call yourself a daft old cow. Or at least not old- I’m 57 (and daft, if I must admit it)

    • I thought it would also work very well with american flags

      I work as an ancient greek lady, and kids are always asking how old I am cos they’re convinced I’m 2000+(I tell them its none of thier business

  4. I’m impressed you made it up as you went! I’ll fourth you not being decrepit. Happy early birthday!

    inquiring minds do want to know what you’re going to wear with it.

    • I was intending to wear a simple white linen blouse and a straw boater trimmed with union flag ribbon, but since the weathers looking terribly english there will probably also bea large raincoat and an umbrella involved as well

  5. I am also impressed by your talent.
    Thank you for witty but not daft entry today. A great way to start a day.

  6. I love it!

  7. Lol! This post was enhanced by the fact that the pictures didn’t load so I read it all and couldn’t see what you were going on about. I had to click on the last picture to enlarge it in order to see it. Brilliant surprise. Love it. Fantastic 😀 (I’m slightly more decrepit – 43 but equally daft!)

  8. Awesome! Me, I’m wearing my Gown Anglaise, as they have a historical themed cavalcade in one of the local villages. Any excuse to frock up!

  9. Thought this was enormous fun, hope you have a jubilee brolly to go with it. And as for being practically decrepit…Words fail me, surely you know that 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything? If you don’t then you really are incredibly young

    • they’re awfully well organised in these parts, there will be gazebos aplenty – steve next door has come back from chicago for the weekend and reckons he bought a whole cow for the barbeque.

      its only my knees that are 42, brain is about 7 3/4

  10. You’ll have to tell us what a great success it was at your party..

  11. And again, you are soooo talented. Personally get the wee-est bit overloaded with the Jubilee, but probably less so if I had your skirt.

  12. Love the patriotic godets. With the 4th of July coming up in a short while, your project has inspired me to think about whipping sometihng up for the occasion.

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