More Jubilee stuffs

basically, I have spent the last few days just playing. Once I finished the skirt I messed about a bit more with some machine applique, and made four handbags

This is the one I decided to keep, cos I like the purple. I would have liked the straps a little wider, but there was only a small scrap of fabric. I also made three others and gave them away at the party.

Beth next door is 18, and she chose this one cos she liked the heart. Beth looks after the idiot kitty boys sometimes when we go away, so she deserved a presie. She seems to be one of the very few people Branston actually likes.

Pari lives next door but one and is eight, she chose this one. Gareth thought I should have kept this one since it matches my skirt. I didn’t want to keep it cos it matches my skirt.

Thirty seconds later Pari came back and blatently blagged this one for her little friend Izzy (whom I have never met before) with the kind of brazen lack of subtlety only eight year olds can manage. Then as a thankyou they sang me a very strange duet about banana queens and pajamaz that I still don’t understand, but still, its the thought that counts.

I have also been playing in the kitchen. In fact sewing was mainly fitted around waiting for the kitchen timer to go ping. To be fair I bake just about every weekend – its my therapy after a long week.

Profiteroles with white chocolate ganache filling and dark chocolate sauce. If you have never made fresh profiteroles you should try it, they’re very easy and taste a hundred times better than shop bought. These always make beth happy.

I am very proud of the spun sugar crown, it was a joint effort between me and gareth and took three goes to get right.

And I’ve been wanting to make a macaroon flag all year. I have never seen food disappear so fast as when I handed these round. The white are filled with a white chocolate, coconut and passionfriut ganache, pink have almond praline, and blue have chambord cream. Luckily we have enough also-rans stashed in the fridge to last the week.

My piping bag skills are definitely improving. I was telling Beth how discovering comercial blue disposable bags has changed my life!

It peed down all afternoon and the entire street huddled under awnings listening to steel bands and singers, then we had a singsong in the rain.

Edit -Gareth tells me he just made a post with the cake pics on his plant nerd forum saying he got nothing done all day and its all my fault for making him eat cake all day!

~ by opusanglicanum on June 3, 2012.

12 Responses to “More Jubilee stuffs”

  1. God you are just sickeningly talented.

  2. (punches Gareth’s arm for complaining about cake)

    Your sewing and baking all look lovely, although my first choice would be a Profiterole.

  3. Wow amazing baking! Amazing bags too. I’ve never had a macaroon like those so I would nave to try one but LOVE profiteroles. Mr P chose them for our wedding day.

    • quite a few people had never treid a macaroon before. its not really that surprising as there aren’t many place that make them (they’re quite, erm…advanced baking) they’re pretty eassy to get in london, but since perfecting them myself I’ve had to suspend the rule that whilst in london I can eat macaroon til I’m sick

  4. You’ve been having a lot of fun with the union flag, that’s for sure!

  5. Those profiteroles look amazing! I’ve never seen anything quite like the macaroon flag. Patriotic and delicious.

    The bags look like they were fun to make. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for the 8-yr-old duet. It’s good to know your efforts are so appreciated.

  6. God Almighty woman is there nothing you can’t do? An edgy Martha Stewart? Textiles answer to Nigella? And nice to children and animals?

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