paddle cushions

What on earth is a paddle cushion, I hear you ask.

Well, many years ago I owned a beautiful handknitted alpaca skirt, which unfortunately got damaged. The main intarsia panel, however, was unaffected, so I turned it into a large cushion for my sofa cos it was far too pretty to throw out. I liked that cushion.

UNfortunately its also Branny’s favourite cushion, and in the past three years he paddled it to death, it now has more holes than knitting. He’s got big paws, has Branny, and is an enthusiastic paddler.

Around christmas I was doing a big hand washing session of all my cashmere and alpaca, and decided that two cashmere jumpers and two cashmere cardigans – including my favourite red one – were beyond redemption due to Branny holes and inkstains, so i set them aside for future play. Last week I machine washed them, thus shrinking them to half thier original size (and, rather irritatingly, eradicating the offending inkstain to boot), and yesterday I chopped them into little bits and played with them.

Ok, so I might still be on a bit of a jubilee kick, but I think this may be my favourite as its rather striking. I was originally going to give it away, but…

This one is probably my least favourite, but Gareth says its very nice “for a girl” (He said that quite scornfully). THe buttons are swarovski ones that someone sent him by accident and didn’t want back, and the pink thing on the middle flower was a pendant I found at the gym – hark at me using found objects, eh?

This one was different on the front and back and I think I like them equally.

It looks a bit ruckled along the top because I had to borrow a pad from one of Gareth’s cushions as this is a little bigger than the other two and I didn’t have a spare one the right size – so I Just pinned it in place for the pic.












And in other news I am beginning to fear that if my idiot cat gets any more undignified he will morph into a dog

~ by opusanglicanum on June 5, 2012.

22 Responses to “paddle cushions”

  1. Great achievement to get so many cushions from your shrunken jumpers! And yes, Branny isn’t showing the superior, ice-cool attitude we expect from our feline friends, is he!

  2. Nicely done on the pillows! As to Branny, he’s probably just showing the stomach to lure the unwary into petting him so their arms may be disemboweled.

    • he’s got a thing about gareth’s palm trees. it doesn’t look comfy to sit there, the pots lined with big rocks so hobbes can’t dig it up to pee in it

  3. Nice recycling. I like the flowered one (but then, I am a girl) but the flag one is my favourite. What on earth was the cat doing? Did you try watering him?

    • he snoozes wrapped around the palm tree all the time, little wierdo

      I think I like the heart one best, but they look so nice as a trio that I dont think I’ll give one away anymore

      • The pillows do look nice. I would have thought that Branston would have used the tree as a scratching post, not a bed. They do sleep in some of the strangest place and positions, don’t they? My two just make nests in my bed or stuff themselves into my in basket. I did stop Fuzzles from sleeping in the linen closet, though. Didn’t want the fur on my towels.

      • the palm tree is quite little, so maybe he thinks if he hugs it it will grow into a scratching post? He does get yelled at when he tries to kill the flowers on gareths big bird of paradise plant tho.

  4. Oh, that’s a great picture of Branny. Very, erm, evocative.

    I like all three pillows together, but I do think the floral one’s a bit over the top.


  5. Most excellent cushions. The flowery one is rather mad but someone will love it 😉 glad other people’s cats are as daft as mine.

  6. (shakes head at Branny’s undignified pose)

    I like the first pillow best too – maybe it’s my own Jubilee kick, but it really is striking. Looks very nice with the other pillows.

  7. Ah. Tommy’s main paddle cushion is *me*. I always have little scratches on my inner upper arm or inner lower thigh from a session until I manage to dissuade him. (He’s determined).
    Speaking of palms, all plants in front of my flats have been removed (cheaper upkeep?) except one tall palm. Tommy occasionally run straight up it until he reaches the canopy. (um, 10 metres?). Then realises what he’s done. Luckily he manages to get down again.
    I imagine a potted palm like the one Branston has provides very satisfactory paddle-tactility. (sp?)

    • luckily branny waits until I’m under the duvet to paddle me, but it still hurts. he bites my upper arm when he wants love though – not hard, just nipping.

      gareth dreams of his palms getting that big, if he could he would just move into the palm house at kew

  8. That’s one great cat.

  9. Great recycle cushions.

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