birthday boy!

It’s Branston’s third birthday today! The only reason I can remember my cat’s birthday is that its a week after my own.

Unlike his monkey, Branny will not be celebrating by drinking the best part of a bottle of champagne on a river cruise. He’s had a prawn dinner and paddled his new cushions – there was much purring – and later he plans to get that stupid woman to throw little felted flowers so he chase them. He says three years makes him an adult by Maine coon standards, and therfore officially the man of this house, and therefore the boss of me.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 19, 2012.

14 Responses to “birthday boy!”

  1. That’s one masterful-looking cat, for sure!

    Happy Birthday, Branston!

  2. Our cat never had a birthday until Little J pointed out it wasn’t fair so we had to invent one and write it on the calendar!!! Has to be celebrated too!

    • branny is my first pedigree cat ( he was a gift from gareth, who with his background in genetics doesn’t believe in moggies) so he came with a proper birthday, but poos miss pickle, my previos cat, never had one.

      mind you, she was so spoilt i think everyday was her birthday

  3. He’s a cat — he has ALWAYS been the boss of you, and everyone in your household. 😉

  4. Happy belated birthday to Branny’s mum!

    Ahem…. Branny has always been the boss of you, because he is The Cat Of The House. He lets you live in his house to provide him with food, pillows, and toys.

  5. Please tell Branston Happy Birthday from me, Pedro and Fuzzles.

  6. He isn’t *already* your boss?
    Happy Birthday, Branston!

  7. Happy Birthday Branston – Today is MY birthday! I only hope someone tosses a few toys my way, and feeds me a special dinner. Congratulations on becoming an adult, and on having your servant FINALLY admitting to your superior status – here’s to many more happy years!

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