antependium progress

panel six of the rekjahlid antepndium without the fiddly lines and stuff. It’s an angel and some sheperding types, the yellow blobs are meant to be sheep or goats or something suitably ovine and herdable, I’m sure, although they look nothing like.  Ok, so Gareth just asked what goats are and I googled it – goats aren’t ovine, they’re caprine, I just learnt something. (He isn’t learning anything, other than that he can’t do any of the 11+ problems they published in this morning’s sunday times – I pointed out that you have to swot up for these things, but he isn’t listening)

 No, I promise this isn’t about to turn into a fashion blog, but I did buy a new hat this week. Anyone who knows me would remark that me buying hats isn’t much of a novelty, since I rarely leave the house without one, but I thought I post a pic of this one because I think M and S are picking up on a bit of a Downton abbey vibe – it looks remarkably like what would have been called a misses hat in the last century.

I have to admit that apart from doing long columns of pointless mental arithmatic, one of my favourite stress relief/pointless waste of time exercises is picking up the dover reprint of the 1912 cloak and suit company catalogue and setting myself a modest budget – say $15 – to buy an entire outfit from the undies up. Its the ultimate window shopping experience. almost the exact same hat in that catalogue costs $3.98, this was £15, which I think makes it far cheaper than the equivalent 100 years ago, once you take the exchange rate and inflation rate into account, makes mine much much cheaper. See, me buying hats isn’t extravagant at all – it was a bargain!

Yes, I know, I’m peculiar.

If we ever get a day warm enough to wear my new hat I’m going to use one of the spiffy new hatpins that Gareth had made for me at christmas. I haven’t used them yet because the pins are too thick and sturdy for my winter hats – they need to be used with a nice open weave straw like this one. They’re from duck in a bucket

~ by opusanglicanum on June 24, 2012.

9 Responses to “antependium progress”

  1. I do like your hatpins – great fun!

  2. I like that you’re peculiar! So am I 😉 Those wins will never hold that angel up will they!

  3. Should have said wings!

    • My own typing is so bad i’m quite good at working out other people typos, so dont, worry, I got it!

      maybe angles are like bumblebees and thier wings vibrate really really fast? that doesn’t sound particularly dignified for an angel, though, does it?

  4. The hat is lovely and will look even better with a bee or two, in Spring and Summer.
    I’m looking forward to the fiddly lines and stuff.

    • i’m sort of looking frward to finsihing the panel and sort of not, its alwasy nice to finsih a part, but on the other hand the next step is more of the interminally dull filler panels, so…

  5. The hat will look even lovelier with bees on it! I love Dover books. I have their Sears catalogue from the 20s, I believe, and it’s always fun to page through.

    Nice caprine shapes on the panel 🙂

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