Its a dangerous business, this sewing lark.

So, all day Tuesday I was aware of having a sore thumb, as if I’d jabbed a needle under my nail, but I wasn’t aware of having done any such thing.

And jabbing a needle under your nail tends to be the kind of thing you remember, on account of it hurting like a hurty thing.

Anyway, Tuesday night I had a terrible nights sleep as I kept waking up, vaguely aware of a sore thumb.

Wednesday morning I woke up and my first thought was “ouch!” My thumb was really swollen, the nail was going a funny colour, and my whole arm was throbbing.

Three and a half hours in A and E later, the thumb had been Xrayed to make sure there was noting actually stuck under the nail, then anaethatised whilst two student nurses watched (I have no idea of the next bit, I was looking the other way, but the nurse told me) and forceps had been stuck under my nail to open out the wound and remove quite a lot of puss (the nurse seemed surprised by quite how much there was, but I still couldn’t look) And I ended up looking like this…

ย Gareth has not ceased to take the piss. He finds this very amusing. The only conclusion we could come too was that I’d stuck myself with a pin under the nail and wedged some dirt into it, which had then become infected.

Its still really painful and I can’t put any pressure on my thumb (can’t sew and can only use scissors with my fingers) but I think that’s mainly due to the bruising caused by the forceps getting the puss out, and I’m hoping that will calm down over the next day or so, otherwise I will go insane with boredom.

The only thing I have managed to make today, and with some difficulty, is this stylish demin finger poke, which I made because the nurse told me to keep the dressing clean, and even when I’m not doing anything I seem to attract dirt in much the same way male toddlers do.

I’m really tired, which i think must be due to the infection, but I’m also really really bored. I can’t even cook!

What presumably caused me to stab myself was that I finally figured out what to do with the piles and piles of nice upholstery tape I keep buying because its so cheap and so pretty. You may remember that last year I made some makeup type bags with some of it, but I was never really happy with those.

However, Monday night I made these…

I took them to the INternational Medieval congress Craft fair and sold the top two, which was rather gratifying, and which gives me some cash to go buy more braids to play with, as I really enjoyed making them. I think if I make more I may have to finally get round to Etsy though. I also made this one, because I couldn’t resist pink elephant polka dots…

Today, in an attempt to stop me from going completely mental with boredom, Gareth took me for a gentle stroll round Otley. So Instead of pictures of all the cool stuff I meant to make but couldn’t, I bring you a really cool tree we found in a graveyard in Otley.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 12, 2012.

38 Responses to “Its a dangerous business, this sewing lark.”

  1. oooh so sorry to hear about your thumb. Since I stab myself now and then, well, OW.

    love the idea for sewing the trim/tape into fabric for bags. Love love love!!!

    • I stab myself all the time, but its the first time I’ve needed A and E! I think it must just be because of where it was.

      I’m quite pleased with the bags, and it was very gratifying to sell two

  2. How nasty. I don’t know how many times I’ve stabbed myself. Thankfully, without a hospital visit. I hope you’re able to get back to your normal activities very soon.

    • I think it just ogt infected cos of where it was. Gareth and I were talking when we were in that lovely graveyard about how a few hundred years ago such a silly little thing could have finished me off, he’s worried that we may be heading back to that, what with antibiotic resistant bacteria and the fact that science hasn’t come up with any new antobiotics lately – scary!

  3. I thought you’d be amused by my Facebook post this morning:

    Dear Cats, I had no idea you were such pessimists. When I look at your bowl, it seems to me to be half full, not half empty. Though you consider ‘half empty’ to be the same as ‘almost gone,’ it is not necessary to tell me this in the middle of the night. As neither of you starved to death overnight, it seems that there was ‘enough.’ Indeed, this morning, the bowl seemed to be still ‘half full.’ I, however, am feeling considerablely less optimistic.
    Thank you,
    The Food Provider

  4. I’m sure the fatigue is due to the infection, and will dissipate when it does. In the meantime, Gareth will have to make up for his lack of sympathy by doing the cooking and taking you on more outings so you don’t end up climbing the walls with boredom!

    • Yikes and OW. I really hate poking myself under the fingernail. Urgh. And I heartily vote for Gareth’s penance by catering to your every whim. That may (although it’s not likely) spawn some sympathy in his hard-hearted breast!

    • our nice nieghbour helen used to be anurse, and she said the same.

      he’s leaving me to my own devices tomrow cos he has to go fix something at one of his rental houses

  5. Ouch. I’ve done exactly the same thing before – the whole stab under the nail, then it goes septic and incredibly sore. Luckily I didn’t need A&E to fix it.

    Hope you are better soon. If it is anything like mine, it may take a few days though.

  6. Ouch that sounds incredibly painful. I was reading in bed a couple of nights ago and the iPad slipped and the edge landed on my lip. There was blood. Mr P thought it highly amusing – strange man. Thankfully mouth things heal quickly so it is almost gone now. Seems Mr P and Gareth are in league with each other!!

    • blokes just have a wierd sense of humour. they’re all strange. lets face it any woman with sense probably becomes a lesbian.

      he has been looking after me tho

  7. All my sympathy – it’s a pain in the ‘rhymes with’ thumb. Hope you’re stitching again very soon.

  8. Ouch!! I did the same thing recently to my middle finger. Mysterious sewing injuries are no fun at all.

  9. OH! I hope your okay again and ready to sew ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh you poor baby!!! Ow!!!!!!

    What a great idea for those trims. I’m a bit addicted to them too. I love the top one (in maroons). How big is it? If you happened to put it up on Etsy, I may just well be tempted!!

    • I know – I’ve been feeling like a very poor baby – specially since I’ve had a stinking cold at the same time. Yesterday was the first time in almost a week I didn’t need an afternoon nap

      they’re large handbags, nopt dainty ones, but the red one is sold. I might make one similar, and i think I’m definately going to have to bite the bullet and go etsy. I want to try making a braid holdall as well, i think it could look sort of carpet baggy

      • Awwwwwww! Crap! *sympathy*!! and cat snuggles from Branston which I’m sure you’ve been getting.

        Large handbag = good. Tho I don’t know yet whether I’ll steal your idea or buy one of yours. My current handbag is still alive – it has a floral/leaf pattern and oversewn in coloured beads on some petals/leaves – you know that effect?
        It’s something to consider as my next handbag. This one is just getting sufficiently old that the thought has crossed my mind. It would be special buying one made by you ๐Ÿ™‚

        A braid holdall sounds really cool!

        I have covered a plastic lap top case in red panne velvet (nearly killed my fingers) then trimmed it, and my backpack is covered in layers of purple satin then black lace, then with a couple of trimmings along the seams/big tassel at the bottom. Lots of fun! The backpack is falling apart tho. The laptop case, which I use as an art briefcase, has irretrievably built in cat hair because it sits behind the front door. Very well loved!

      • branny has been positively clingy this last fewdays – hes between me and the laptop as I type – and ast night he even let me cut off one of his belly tatts wihtout clawing me.

        i really want to experiment with the holdall, but i needd to find handbag feet first.

        sewing plastic is always hard, but using a laptop case as an art caseis a great solution if you tend towrds small canvases

      • I hope that the infection is clearing up nicely now ๐Ÿ™‚

      • its still sore but at least I’ve been able to take the comedy bandage off. am so glad to see the back of those antibiotics, they were making me feel well icky

      • “comedy bandage”. LOL. It certainly was dramatic, but then, they have to be sometimes. Great that you can take everyday pressures now without all the protective padding as well.

      • its not looking too gruesome now the bandage is finally off

      • Your cat has tattoos on his belly that you can cut off??!

        Handbag feet – my standard answer – have you tried Etsy Supplies?

      • tats as in big tangles of fluff that need cutting away cos theyre too dense to comb. He will happily let me brush the bits that don’t need brushing, but he gets all spiky if i go near the bits that do. I swear he actually licks his belly into dreadlocks on purpose – I think I have a wannabee rasta cat.

        am trying to decide if I want to drive out to my local leather supplier or have them deliver, I’d rather shop local, and le prevo are usually reliable. what I also want is a lgadstone bag frame, a large one, but le prevo reckon thier supplier have stopped making them

      • What a segue! I thought you wanted Rasta-Branston in leather there for a sec!

  11. PS Wack Gareth over the head for me. Taking the piss, indeed! Wait til he gets his next Man-Cold.

  12. Owww, that sucks! I’d totally be bored, too, in your place. Hope it’s all healed up soon! The bags you made are really cute though.

  13. I have had under the nail infections after stabbing myself sewing on a number of occasions. It always hurts, lots. However, I have always managed to get them close enough to the end of the nail that I could use another needle (suitably disinfected by putting the end into flame first) to poke a hole in to get the puss out myself. Sadly, it usually takes a couple of days for the pocket of puss to get that close, but so far I have always been able to reopen it and get it cleaned up and healed again without medical help.

    • I do it all the time too, but never got an infection before. I hadn’t really reaslised I’d even stabbed myself until I woke up with my whole hand swollen. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to poke around under my nail though, it hurts too much! (at least they gave me a local anastheatic)

  14. yikes. Are you feeling any better? I really like the bags and let me know when you finally get round to Etsy.

    • the bandage is off but my tum is still icky from the antibiotics, am getting there

      hoping soon to make some larger bags, and I’ve got some handbags half finished, I’ve been having fun with them

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