summer blues

Perhaps I’m just impossible to please, because normally I complain about the heat in summer, but I am beginning to get grumpy about the wet this time, and am wondering if I’m going to  get out to any events at all this year.

Harewood was a mudbath. I haven’t made it to Tewkesbury for years because its so close to the International Medieval congress (which was great, but even there the jousting was cancelled due to wet)

On the non-reenacting front the Great Yorkshire Show was rained off, depriving me of the opportunity to eat my own wieght in free cheese, which I did get rahter grumpy about.

Kelmarsh was also cancelled this weekend – I didn’t go but by all accounts English Heritages usual spectacular lack of organisational skill resulted in some people spending two days trying to claw thier way out of the mud. ( I still have memories of that year when Hastings was like that)

And now Berkeley is rained off this weekend, hardly surprising since its on a water meadow, I know, but I had been really looking forward to it.

And after that I don’t have much time to go to stuff as I have events of my own.

Grump grump grump

~ by opusanglicanum on July 17, 2012.

10 Responses to “summer blues”

  1. I was feeling similarly grumpy on the subject of rain, and a friend has suggested the Olympics, being in the UK, should feature a ‘being grumpy’ event, which we would have entered and no doubt won a gold. If it ever happens, you can be on our team…

  2. Oh, I could be Captain of that team, I am so grumpy about the weather this year! The sun has put in a very brief appearance this morning and my grumpiness lifted, equally briefly. Now it is grey sky again so my scowl has returned.

  3. I know just how you feel – I’ve been similarly out of temper!

    • its very blearrgh, isn’t it.

      I’m actually starting to worry that some of the reenactment traders may go out of business being deprived of their major trading events of the year

  4. I agree totally, loads of things cancelled here too. Need a dislike button!!

  5. It is a mess in Denmark as well. But the danish summer is always full of rain. We have learned to ignore the weather. Thank God!

    • so is the english summer, but its extraordinarily bad this year. at kelmarsh last week the living history and plastic camps were both underwater from what i hear – glad I didn’t go

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