I was back at Harewood again last Friday, this time for an evening event. It was quite relaxed and very pleasant.

My tent looked very pretty at the end of the terrace though. And I chanced wearing a posh frock for the first time this year – I figured that if it started to pour down I could just stay inside the tent.

 Detail of the inside of the tent, for those interested. It’s not meant to be period specific, just a general overview of medieval embroidery.

And this is how Branston watches birdies from the velux – he balances between the bedframe and the sloping wall. Luckily he does this on Gareth’s side of the bed, so that if he slips whilst we’re still sleeping its not me who will be horribly mutilated…






~ by opusanglicanum on July 23, 2012.

10 Responses to “Harewood”

  1. Your tent looks great, with all your amazing work inside it. Lol at Branston! Our cat is not really interested in birds. Plenty of mouse action here for him.

    • it was a very pretty spot – normally i don’t take pics of the tent cos am crammed in somewhere

      branston wants a red kite, we’ve treid explaingin they aren’t as small as they look but he isn’t listening

  2. Cats seem to be happy in what look the most uncomfortable positions, don’t they!

  3. Gorgeous. The tent looks fantastic. Your work is so lovely.

  4. The tent fits perfectly in with the knot garden, just a lovely sight. I am working on some medieval embroidery, most inspired by my SCA heraldry. Though I love your collection is just lovely

    Love kitty’s inventive yet athletic way of watching birds, though I hope he doesn’t fall.

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